Calum Macdiarmid Directs James Blunt’s “Cold” Music Video


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Sep. 12, 2019


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Ever wondered what happened to James Blunt after he threw himself into the ocean at the end of the iconic music video for “You’re Beautiful”? Great Guns director Calum Macdiarmid reveals just that in this promo for Blunt’s new single “Cold” where the singer-songwriter re-joins the action 14 years later in a spiritual sequel to the original clip.

Produced by Great Guns, the video picks up where “You’re Beautiful” left off--a literal cliff hanger that saw him jumping into cold waters below after leaving most of his clothing and possessions on top of an icy mountain. All these years later, viewers are reunited with Blunt as he finally emerges from the ocean, washing up on a stony beach below a steep, rugged cliff face. “Cold” sees him embarking on a perilous climb up the mountain with his bare hands, fighting the elements to collect all his old clothing and possessions--many of which were the original pieces kept by Blunt after filming “You’re Beautiful.” In a cathartic climax, Blunt is rescued by a helicopter, finally leaving the mountain behind.

Introducing a grittiness to the narrative that expertly mirrors the artists’ musical maturity, the new music video complements the lyrics with its powerful, cinematic style, while paying tribute to the initial iconic video. Director Macdiarmid took production to the far northwest coast of Wales over two days in search of the perfect atmospheric, rugged landscapes.


Client James Blunt/Atlantic Records Dan Curwin, commissioner Production Great Guns Calum Macdiarmid, director; Dale Healy, producer; Tim Francis, exec producer; Max Witting, DP. Color Cheat Jax Harney, colorist. Editorial James Demetriou, editor.

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