Chipotle's "Farmed and Dangerous"


Robert Goldrich


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This Chipotle original comedy series satirically explores the world of industrial agriculture in America. The initial four-episode season will be presented weekly on Hulu and Hulu Plus beginning Monday, Feb. 17. The show integrates Chipotle’s values and commitment to serving food made with the highest quality ingredients through the content and themes of the show itself, without any explicit Chipotle branding.

Client Chipotle Production  Piro, New York. Timothy Piper, director/executive producer/writer; Daniel Rosenberg, co-director, executive producer, writer.  Production Mark Crumpacker (chief markting & development officer, Chipotle); William Espey (brand voice lead at Chipotle); Mike Dieffenbach, Jeremy Pisker, writers. Principal actors Ray Wise, Eric Pierpont, John Sloan, Karynn Moore.
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