David Hasselhoff, Et Al, Turn Into "Unexpected DJs" For FUSER, Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020


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NCSOFT is launching a fully integrated ad campaign for FUSER™, a DJ video game from award-winning developer Harmonix, that’s a never-ending virtual music festival for music lovers, content creators and gamers. The upcoming game lets players create their perfect DJ personas, customize their performance stages, and then mix over 100 songs different artists, genres and generations. Thanks to FUSER, you no longer need fancy turntables or years of training to be a DJ--now anyone can headline their own virtual music festival.

And NCSOFT and Harmonix mean anyone: The campaign, titled “Unexpected DJs,” features David Hasselhoff (DJ Hoff), Jonathan Van Ness (DJ YasKween), Chloe Kim (DJ 1080) and other celebs you wouldn’t think have DJ chops. The effort includes online films, a site that lets users create their own DJ persona, unexpected brand partnerships, and even the chance to have a DJ battle against Diplo online. Each element will reinforce how easy it now is to feel like a DJ while igniting the creativity of FUSER’s core audience.

This long-form online film unveils the unexpected-DJ lineup one by one and invites viewers to become DJs too. Shot entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the film takes place in each unexpected DJ’s home, illustrating how FUSER can transform any living room into an epic festival stage--even Diplo makes a cameo from his home studio. The 90-second spectacle was directed by music-video duo BRTHR via Serial Pictures and features an impressive array of VFX as well as tracks from the game.

The campaign is the first work from NCSOFT’s new ad agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). “This game is about bringing together the most unexpected collaborations. Our ad needed to do the same,” said Laura Petruccelli, GS&P creative director. “But we didn’t want this to be about influencers only. The DJ DNA Test allows anyone to turn into a DJ– allowing gamers to create a piece of music culture before they ever start playing FUSER.  It’s an epic game demo wrapped in a commercial.”


Client NCSOFT, Harmonix, FUSER Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, partners; Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer; Laura Petruccelli, Rohan Cooke, creative directors; Jason Gan, art director; Clark Chamberlin, copywriter; Tiffany Zaporteza, designer; Leila Gage, director of broadcast production/executive producer; Tena Goy, executive producer; Severin Sauliere, sr. interactive producer; Sam Tarde, broadcast producer. Production Serial Pictures BRTHR, director; Chris Ripley, DP; Tracy Broaddus, producer; Sara Greco, exec producer. Editorial Modern Post Will Town, editor; Andrew Illson, sr. producer. Telecine Emiliano Serantoni, colorist. VFX/Finishing Cameo FX Sergil Mashevskyi, exec producer. Music/Sound Design Fulltac, music mixer. Mr. Bronx Eric Hoffman, sound designer. Audio Post Mr. Bronx Eric Hoffman, mixer; Sarah Weck, assistant mixer; Lauren Flack, exec producer.

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