David&Goliath Brings Litigation To The Chicken Sandwich With Attorney Chris P. Poultry


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021


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Have you been emotionally harmed by a tasteless chicken sandwich? A sandwich so soggy, dry or bland it leaves you joyless? Seems these days, everyone is throwing their chicken sandwich hat into the ring. But just because it’s in the ring doesn’t mean it’s good. Fact is, people have been super vocal online about chicken sandwiches that have let them down. But who’s advocating for them? Who’s fighting for their right to experience the joyful, crispy, juicy, flavorful chicken sandwich they deserve? No one – until now! Chris P. Poultry, Chicken Sandwich Lawyer extraordinaire is on the right side of chicken sandwich justice, fighting for our rights by offering just compensation: a free Jollibee Chickenwich™. Much like the scales of justice, Jollibee’s Chickenwich™ offers the perfect balance of crispiness and juiciness. And a whole lot of joy.

Part of a “Justice is Best Served Crispy” campaign for Jollibee from David& Goliath in Los Angeles, this spot--directed by Alex Grossman of Spinach--introduces us to Chris P. Poultry. The commercial is tongue-in-cheek reminiscent of attorney ads on TV.


Client Jollibee Foods Corporation Agency David& Goliath, Los Angeles David Angelo, founder & creative chairman; Ben Purcell, chief creative officer; Josh Miller, executive creative director; Jason Miller, associate creative director (copy); Rory Odani, associate creative director (art); Katherine Ahn, sr. designer; Kaveri Gautam, strategy director; Karl Blevins, jr. strategist; Paul Albanese, managing director, broadcast production; Rob Sondik, executive producer; Peter Bassett, managing director, integrated production; Allison Minton, digital producer. Production Company Spinach Alex Grossman, director; Adam Bright, managing director/exec producer; Jonathan Carpio, exec producer; Josh Miller, TikTok director; Rob Hauer, DP; Vincent Terrazzino, line producer. Editorial Spinach Adam Bright, editor; Jonathan Carpio, exec producer; Cristy Torres, post producer; Marshall Thompson, assistant editor. VFX Spinach Adam Bright, managing director/exec producer; Christopher Moore, Flame lead; Ian Dawson, producer.

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