Director Andreas Nilsson, Opinionated Solve "Monster Problem" For Miro


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 25, 2022


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Miro is a communal space for ideas and work. Like an endless whiteboard -- one that stretches into every living room, backyard, coffee shop and office. But at the same time, it’s so much more than just a whiteboard. It’s an invitation to a place that unleashes our individual and collective potential because it enables different ways of thinking and communicating to come together. And does it at scale–bringing together hundreds of people across disciplines, departments and timezones to think and problem solve together in as many ways as there are minds and personalities.

Despite Miro having 35 million users and 99% of Fortune 100 companies, there is still a sizable audience who hasn’t tried visual collaboration software. So Miro has launched its first major advertising effort, teaming with Portland, Ore.-based ad agency Opinionated to help define what makes the app different and inspire people to want to try it, particularly those who might be intimidated by new ways of working in a hybrid world.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson of Biscuit Filmworks, this spot titled “Monster Problem” satirizes the monster-sized problems we’re all solving for on the job as the Miro dynamic springs into action to literally tame the monster into a box office star.


Client Miro Agency Opinionated Mark Fitzloff, Rob Palmer, executive creative directors; Cameron Soane, associate creative director/art director; Scott Fish, associate creative director/copywriter; Corey Bartha, head of production; Sandra Hagblom, producer; Dave Daines, strategic planning. Production Biscuit Filmworks Andreas Nilsson, director; Holly Vega, exec producer; Peter Knowles, line producer; Lase Frank, DP; Alexis Ross, production designer/art direction. Editorial Cut+Run Ben Campbell, editor; Mitch Goldberg, assistant editor; Brian Mulvey, post producer; Amburr Farls, exec producer; Brady Austin Fiero, head of production. VFX Bacon X Copenhagen Jonas Drehn, VFX supervisor/shoot supervisor; Thomas Banner, 2D lead artist; Thomas Haas-Christensen, 3D lead artist; Ditte Marie Ludvigsen, associate creative director; Jacob Carlsson, Kai Hauswirth, Mario Maruska, Oliver Buus, 2D artists; Asger Langhoff, David Rybert Lessel, Rickard Didriksson, 3D artists; Miam Lalanne, VFX head of production; Christina Jaeger, VFX producer; Eliana Carranza-Pitcher, VFX exec producer; Hannibal Lang, colorist; Lasse Selvli, additional colorist & conform; Soren Knudsen, conform; Ccccccc Studio, motion graphics. Audio String and Tins Lawrence Kendrick, sound design & mix; Jim Stewart, additional sound & mix; Cobblestone, foley; Olivia Endersby, audio producer. Voiceover Steven Kelly

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