Director Dreesbach, Editor Entrup Team On "Shot on iPhone" Docushort, Spot


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 22, 2019


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Apple’s smartphone returns underwater for a mini-documentary on the Maldives Whale Shark Research Program in “Shot on iPhone XS-The Reef, Maldives.” Both the short film and the :60 gleaned from it were directed and shot by Sven Dreesbach (who DP’d along with Carlos Vargas). Additionally Dreesbach edited the short with Spot Welder’s Benjamin Entrup who also solely cut the commercial.

In the Apple spot, editor Entrup pieced together poignant captures of director Dreesbach’s underwater world, replete with whale sharks and other oceanic creatures from the docu-film.

Created in cooperation with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) engaged in the study of whale shark, the project--timely with Earth Day (4/22) having arrived--covers the research and protection organization. The objective is to stimulate visibility of the environment and safeguard the species of the territory.

The short brings together beautiful underwater images of animals and researchers from the Maldives Shark Research organization. The nonprofit group uses a proprietary iOS app to monitor the demographics and movement of various marine species, whale shark among them, to define community-focused preservation strategies and sustainability.

The video goes underwater to show shots of whale sharks and the researchers that are studying them, in addition to showing how the team utilizes Apple products above water to further their conservation goals.

Editor Entrup was drawn to working on the project as a result of both his rapport with Dreesbach as well as his passion for climate issues. 

“When Sven asked me to help out with this project, I jumped on it because I loved the message and wanted to help tell this story in the best possible way,” said Entrup. 

While captured entirely on the iPhone, the full length docu-film annotates how third-party equipment such as the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot, the FiLMiC Pro App, the AxisGO Water Housing, and a Beastgrip, were all used during the production.


Production Sven Dreesbach, director, cinematographer; Carlos Vargas, cinematographer (shot on iPhone XS with the aid of:  Freefly Movi Camera Robot, FiLMiC Pro, AxisGO XS Max/XR Water Housing for iPhone XS Max, Beastgrip); Julie Etzelmueller, producer. Editorial Sven Dreesbach, Benjamin Entrup (Spot Welders), editors. Music Perera Elsewhere Sound Design Tico Zamora Voice Talent Kamran Khan

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