Director Elle Ginter, Energy BBDO Team On "Olivia" For Pearle Vision


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Aug. 3, 2018


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In this latest spot from Energy BBDO for Pearle Vision, we are introduced to Olivia, a nine-year-old girl who is disappointed to learn that she needs glasses. But that disappointment disappears when her Pearle Vision doctor finds a way to show her the power of women in glasses and how a pair of prescription glasses helped one in particular attain her dream and turn into a cultural icon.

That icon is Billie Jean King. Towards the end of this ad titled "Olivia," it’s revealed that all of Olivia’s unique interests (including tennis, archery and space travel) are inspired by “Women Who Made History.” When the Pearle Vision doctor presents the little girl with a photo of a new heroine to add to her bedside inspiration board—Billie Jean King—it is the ultimate display of patient care, empowering Olivia to be who she wants to be

The integration of Billie Jean King into this emotionally-driven work was intentional from the start. In fact, Billie Jean told us, “I’m excited to be included in the new Pearle Vision campaign. When I was young I was told I could never be no. 1 in the world because I wore glasses and that was one of the things that motivated me to become the best I could be. I applaud Pearle Vision for their message of encouragement, reinforcing that wearing glasses can help you achieve your dreams.”

Pearle Vision Vice President & CMO, Doug Zarkin, points out, “While popular culture often depicts women and girls with glasses as nerdy or uncool, this film is inspiration to embrace your eyewear as part of who you are, what makes you special and could even be a critical tool towards making your life’s vision a reality.”

It is also of note that this work not only features women on screen but it was created by a female led team, including director Elle Ginter (of production house Sanctuary Content) whom Energy BBDO partnered with through its continued efforts with Free the Bid, and agency creative directors Erika Wolfel Hilman and Michele Sloan Brandel, strategic lead Shannon Mehner and account lead Tiffany Alexander.


Client Pearle Vision Agency Energy BBDO, Chicago Andrés Ordóñez, chief creative officer; Josh Gross, Pedro Perez, executive creative directors; Erika Wolfel Hillman, Michele Sloan Brandel, creative directors; John Pratt, head of integrated production; Shobin Mathew, sr. producer; Daniel Kuypers, director of music; Shannon Mehner, strategic lead. Production Sanctuary Elie Ginter, director; Preston Lee, executive producer/owner; Adam Litt, head of production; Jason Richardson, producer; Peter Hadfield, DP. Editorial Flare Chicago Casey Cobler, managing editor; Mark Anderson, Flame artist. Music “A New Start” Tessa Rose Jackson, artist. Voice Talent Lia Mortenson

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