Director Isaiah Seret, 215 McCann Tell "Unspoken" Tale For Halo Infinite Video Game


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Nov. 22, 2021


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Halo Infinite is the latest installment of the blockbuster Halo franchise and is a sci-fi action/adventure game developed by 343 Studios for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. In a time ruled by anti-heroes and doubt, Halo Infinite signals the triumphant return of true heroism. For the first time in half a decade, fans are invited to step into The Master Chief’s legendary Mjolnir armor and #Become.

But not every hero in the Halo universe is a seven-foot-tall Super Solider. The UNSC Archives, from 215 McCann, is a series of three short films--directed by Isaiah Seret of Biscuit Filmworks--that takes us to pockets of the Halo universe we’ve never seen before, to tell the stories of the humanity and heroism behind the origin of specific pieces of the Master Chief’s armor.

This film, Unspoken, is the story of an injured soldier’s message of hope and brotherhood to his fallen comrade’s parents after an attack left him unable to deliver that message with his own voice.

The new series of films--with visual effects by Method Studios--will be featured on Xbox social and digital channels and set the path for the Become campaign supporting the December 8, 2021 launch of Halo Infinite.


Client Microsoft/Halo Infinite Agency 215 McCann Scott Duchon, chief creative officer; Brad Meyers, creative director; Alper Kologlu, associate creative director/art director; Andy Holdeman, associate creative director/copywriter; Mandi Holdorf, director of integrated production; Nina Ulbrich, sr. producer; Brian Wakabayashi, Sam Chotiner, directors of strategy; Cassidy Wilber, Ryan Riley, strategy directors; Beth Windheuser, Christian Stewart, sr. strategists. Production Biscuit Filmworks Isaiah Seret, director; Shawn Lacy, partner/managing director; Andrew Travelstead, exec producer; Jeff McDougall, producer; Rachel Glaub, Sean Moody, heads of production; Steve Annis, DP; Fiona Crombie, production manager. Editorial Work Editorial Biff Butler, editor; Gladys Bernadac, assistant editor; Brandee Probasco, head of production; Marlo Baird, exec producer. Telecine Company 3 Tom Poole, colorist; Alexandra Lubrano, producer. VFX Method Studios, Santa Monica, Calif. Scott Boyajan, Michelle Machado, exec producers; Scott Tinter, Persis Reynolds, producers; Doug Luka, VFX supervisor; Remy Normand, CG supervisor; Marc Rice, comp supervisor; Ian Holland, Flame lead; Patrick Heumann, animation supervisor; Daniel Alvite, animation lead; Mert Yamak, lighting supervisor; Lyubomir Kirkov, FX supervisor; Jeevith Suryakanth, matchmove lead; Lilas Wang, layout lead; Peter Dominik, environment lead; Gottfried Eder, DMP lead; Theodor Groeneboom, visual artist; Toros Kose, graphics. (Toolbox: Flame, Nuke, After Effects) Music Human, bicoastal Music by Human; Kamela Anderson, head of sync and A&R; Carol Dunn, exec producer; Gareth Williams, creative director; John Christopher Barnes, composer. Sound Design & Mix Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif. Jeff Malen, sound design & mix; Meg Ochs, audio assistant; Susie Boyajan, exec producer

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