Director Johan Renck, MPC, Anomaly Amsterdam Team on Bvlgari's "Mai Troppo"


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Mar. 23, 2020


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Johan Renck, the Emmy-winning Chernobyl (HBO) director, teamed with Anomaly Amsterdam and MPC in London on this Bvlgari spot. Titled “Mai Troppo,” the ad features Zendaya, Naomi Scott and Lily Aldridge sharing the same fierce, brave and unapologetic approach to life as they steal the spotlight through vibrant and intense images. Captured in the streets of Rome, the brand’s native city, the ad is described as “an ode to joy.”

Adorned with the brands most iconic product lines--High Jewellery, Serpenti, B.Zero 1, Fiorever and Divas’ Dream--the three protagonists are captured in different scenographies from Piazza Navona’s Fiumi fountain, a masquerade ball, to scaring fellow diners and eating chocolate pudding in a restaurant kitchen.

MPC colorist Jean-Clément Soret said: “It starts with a sunrise on Rome, the light and color palette suggests the beginning of an extraordinary day but quickly the structure of the film gets into free form, with personality and extravagance. The challenge was to find a look that conveys the sense of collage/reportage; the director’s preferred aesthetic taste and the luxurious nature of the product. The grade started by sending work in progress material to Johan and DP Jakob Ihre and was finalized over a series of remote sessions from London to Amsterdam with the agency.”

MPC Amsterdam created and integrated CG statues on shots of Rome. The opening shot with CG roman statue, comprised of two females, one whispering to the other to set the tone that this film is all about gossip and that gossip is as old as time itself. Michael Aveling who acted as the VFX supervisor on the spot, said: “The idea of a Roman statue being flown across the city was hard to visualize in the mind let alone to create a believable image. Johan was very precise about the subtleties that would make this an authentic Roman period statue. The texture was also quite a balancing act, too shiny and it looks like porcelain, too rough and it’s turned to stone. I think we nailed it as an authentic marble Roman statue.”


Client Bvlgari Agency Anomaly Amsterdam Production Soixan7e Quin5e, Paris Johan Renck, director/photographer; Thomas Legrand, product photographer; Jakob Ihre, DP; James Valerie, lead stylist; Law Roach, Zadrian Smith, styling; Marc Orstaelli,  hair stylist; Christine Corbel, lead makeup stylist. Jan Houllevigue, production designer; Suzanne van den Bouwhuijsen, producer. Line Production Company Full Moon VFX/Postproduction MPC London Michael Aveling, VFX supervisor; Jessie Amadio, 3D lead; Abhinandan Madhu, Shashi Kumar S, asset artists; Jean-Clement Soret, colorist; Thomas Cole, producer; Ellora Chowdhury, color exec producer; Salil Thapa, line producer. (Toolbox: Flame, Maya)

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