Director Kiran Koshy, The Richards Group Deploy Real Employees For


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021


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Director Kiran Koshy of production house Slash Dynamic partnered with agency The Richards Group on a multi-spot comedy campaign for digital agency The commercials feature actual employees and were filmed in that company’s Chicago headquarters. 

As a way of introducing the staff to the public, a spokesperson (Andy Junk) takes us through a regular day at and highlights various staff members while they work. The campaign depicts the masterful ways in which employees assist their clients with web design, development, and digital marketing strategy needs. In this particular spot titled “Conversion Rate,” we meet Diane who helped double a global retailer’s conversion rate to 4% (amounting to $5 million per month) by “optimizing the optimizing.”

Koshy, an alum of SHOOT’s 2017 New Directors Showcase, said, “I knew working with real employees who weren’t actors was going to be a challenge I’d relish, and they didn’t disappoint. Honestly, I couldn’t have cast a more perfect ensemble of fresh faces any other way. They really plussed the comedy, and I was in awe of how they were able to handle performances that demanded subtlety. This made the campaign even more special to the client, and their employees.”


Client Agency The Richards Group Andy Coulston, creative director/art director; Dustin Ballard, creative director/writer; Sheri Cartwright, broadcast/content producer. Production Slash Dynamic Kiran Koshy, director; Tanya Cohen, exec producer; Adam Kaiser, line producer; Caitlin Cohen, producer; Christopher Soos, DP; Bret Tanzer, production designer. Color Company 3 Tyler Roth, colorist. Music Shindig Editorial charlieuniformtango Adam Henderson, editor; Jose Michalena, assistant editor; Mary Alice Butler, exec producer

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