Director Martin de Thurah Deploys Horsepower For ATG


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022


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Excitement is an emotion as well as a visceral feeling. It is a way in which we lose ourselves, which is the essence of the new spot for Swedish horse race betting company ATG.

In it, we follow a woman who wakes up to find a horse in her house, before she is catapulted through a fantastic journey.

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst and Danish director Martin de Thurah via production house Bacon teamed up to create this dream of a film. Through magical realism, subtle sound design, and poetic images, the audience is taken on a breathtaking and almost cathartic journey through the excitement of betting on horses.

(Director de Thurah is handled in the U.S. and U.K. by Epoch Films.)


Client ATG Agency Åkestam Holst NoA Joakim Khoury, creative director; Mark Ardelius, Jesper Holst, creatives; Harald Larsson, Henrik Sjuodin, stratgists; Helena de Brun, producer; Lotta Person, graphic designer. Production Company Bacon Martin de Thurah, director; Samuel Cantor, exec producer; Axel Herrlin, producer; Alina Gron, production manager; Staffan Kihlbom, 1st AD; Kasper Tuxen, DFF, DP; Greg Shoulder, production designer; Zeke Soderlund, set dresser; Johanna Borggren, stylist; Seth Ericson, stunt coordinator; Oscar Ohlson, drone operator; Daniel Casselby, Drone camera operator; Philip di Luca, horse wrangler. Editorial Bacon CPH Peter Brandt, editor; jasmin Falk Jensen, assistant editor; Louise Ryge, post coordinator. Color & VFX Post BaconX Jan Tvilling, VFX creative director; Elina Carranza-Pitcher, VFX exec producer; Cilie Kragegaard, head of production/sr. producre; Daniella Strand, color/VFX producer; Hannibal Lang, colorist; Mikkel Hansen, Mario Maruska, VFX lead; Kai Hauswirth, Thomas Banner, VFX artists; Lassse Selvli, Soren Knudsen, conform.


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