Director Paolo Sorrentino, DDB Paris "Enter The Show" For Hennessy


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 9, 2022


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For Hennessy’s emblematic VSOP cognac, DDB Paris creates a whole new brand platform, launched by this short from director Paolo Sorrentino whose The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2014.

The 360 campaign for Hennessy invites us in the sumptuous, unconventional world of VSOP. True to the famous Italian filmmaker’s spirit, the film dives headfirst into a madcap, multi-faceted world of luxury, where eclectic and enigmatic characters meet along the search for Edgar, a missing peacock during an epic night. Among this improvised group of friends, we meet a charismatic bellboy, a glamorous diva, a fascinating artist, a curious photographer, and an eccentric peacock owner. They’re joined on their quest by Jackson Wang, the Chinese superstar artist and face of Hennessy VSOP in Asia, who makes a surprise appearance playing himself.

As the master of finding beauty in the unexpected, Sorrentino seizes the epic theme of serendipity, suave sophistication and manages to bring the spontaneity, excitement and versatility of Hennessy VSOP. Cognac to the screen. Around every corner, there’s a new adventure, as if life were a party open to all, just waiting to be embraced. 

Beyond the quest for the missing peacock, our characters follow the flow of the night, embracing the unexpected at every turn. The story ends with them partying with other colorful characters and ends with the new brand tagline “Enter the Show.”

“There’s a lightheartedness about this film. We’re having fun, and I hope that playfulness will resonate with viewers--especially since we live in a moment when lightheartedness has become essential,” said Sorrentino.

The Hennessy VSOP campaign first launched in China. This will be followed by a global launch on Hennessy’s social media channels. 



Client Hennessy Agency DDB Paris Alexander Kalchev, chief creative officer; Mathieu Masse, art director; Lucie Guidon, copywriter; Perrine Tixler, digital content art director; Quentin Moenne Loccoz, TV producer/art buyer; Sebastien Genty, head of strategy; Jerome Deplatiere, postproduction. Production COLORS & Lupin Films Paolo Sorrentino, director; Julie Mathieu Moreau, Riccardo Neri, producers; Guillaume le Gat, line producer; Daria D’Antonio, DP; Eugenia Di Napoli, set designer; Sophie Reine, editor. Postproduction Everest Sound Production THE

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