Director Scott Corbett, Boone Oakley Team On "Targets" For


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2019


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Students don’t feel safe at school. They’re constantly wondering if they are next when it comes to gun violence. Taking this insight to heart, creative agency BooneOakley partnered with bicoastal Station Film and filmmaker Scott Corbett to create “Targets,” a video from the students’ perspective. Because when you tune out the debates and the politicians and the media, what you’re left with are kids who face the possibility of a school massacre every single day.

AreWeNext is a group of concerned citizens and students who are done with responding to school shootings with thoughts and prayers, instead they urge us to demand change.  It’s time to take action. It’s time to urge our senators to vote for common sense gun laws.


Client Agency BooneOakley David Oakley, creative director; Mary Gross, writer; Laura Beebe, art director; Sydney Oakley, developer; Heather Nikoncyk, project manager. Production Station Film Scott Corbett, director; Stephen Orent, managing partner; Caroline Gibney, exec producer; Mego Lin, DP. Editorial Bob Mori, editor Music Dave Valdez, composer. Sound Design Dean Hovey, sound designer. Color Framestore Beau Leon, colorist. VFX Stratostorm 

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