Director Sebastián Caporelli Teams With Made To Make A Wish For Save the Children


Robert Goldrich
Friday, May. 19, 2023


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The vignettes play out with an understated visual style that remind us of their commonplace occurrences: children working in a third-world sweatshop and in wheatfields, while others try to survive in squalor or scramble for cover as an open-air market is besieged by gunfire. A haunting instrumental version of “Happy Birthday” hovers over the montage. So begins “Save the Children 50 Years,” created by Made Group, produced by The Maestros, and directed by Sebastián Caporelli, who is represented in the U.S. by Easy Mondays. What follows is a literal uplift, as the children are drawn up and away from danger by the wish of a child blowing out the candle on a birthday cake. It is the same wish made for the past 50 years by the spot’s sponsor, Save the Children.

“I was drawn immediately by the story and the subject. It was super-meaningful to me and I felt I could bring something to the project,” said Caporelli. “We had to balance very sad and delicate universal realities with the ongoing efforts to secure a brighter future.”


Client Save the Children Agency Made Andres Restrepo, chief creative officer; Sergio Sharpe creative director; Fabiana Marin, Jr., producer. Production The Maestros Sebastián Caporelli (repped in the U.S. by Easy Mondays); Cesar Guardia, DP; Gerardo Salas, director of production; Antonio Acosta, exec producer; Amilcar Espadas, production designer. Postproduction Nathalia Rodriguez, post producer. Daniel Balleza, editor. Color Metropolitan. Audio Emmanuel Romero Original Music Jomi Delgado VFX Wolf

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