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Director Wayne McClammy, Deutsch, Dr. Aftkings Diagnose "Lose-onic Plague"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Aug. 18, 2017


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Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man directed this commercial titled “Lose-onic Plague” featuring the character Dr. Aftkings, a specialist in diagnosing and treating fans who don’t have enough fantasy sports in their lives. His patients have various maladies, including “Lose-onic Plague” in this spot, part of a comedy campaign conceived by creatives at Deustch NY. The cure, according to the offbeat doctor, is DraftKings.


Client Draftkings Agency Deutsch New York Pete Favat, chief creative officer, North America; Dan Kelleher, chief creative officer, NY; Pete Johnson, executive creative director; Krish Karunanidhi, art director; Justin Lee, Jim LeMaitre, Jonathan Mackler, copywriters; Joe Calabrese, director of integrated production; Shane Smith, executive producer; Rachel Mercer, head of digital strategy & invention; Sidney Henne, Rachel Gruber, sr. strategists. Production Hungry Man Wayne McClammy, director; Mini Jarjoura, exec producer; Dave Bernstein, line producer; Bryan Newman, DP. Editorial Cutting Room Chuck Willis, editor; Susan Willis, managing partner; Anna Petitti, exec producer. Telecine Company 3 Tim Masick, sr. colorist. VFX Light of Day Colin Stackpole, creative director/partner; Pete DeAndrea, Flame artist; Music/Licensed Music Tracks Extreme Music Track: XCD070_01 SUPERBAD Audio Post Duotone Andy Green, audio engineer; Greg Tiefenbrun, exec producer. End Tag Animation/Graphics Light of Day Colin Stackpole, creative director/partner; Pete DeAndrea, Flame artist.

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