Droga5, Director Max Weiland Show What A Baby's Life Is Like "If You’re Rash-Free and You Know It" For Huggies 


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 22, 2024


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Droga5 NY created the “Be Free, Baby” campaign for Huggies which envisions a world where babies are free from rash and irritation, and parents are confident in protecting their baby’s delicate skin. It celebrates authentic parenting moments and the joy of babies feeling comfortable in their skin. 

The highlight is this film “If You’re Rash-Free and You Know It” with a reimagined punk-rock nursery rhyme to portray the playful freedom of rash-free babies. Max Weiland of production company Love Song directed the :60 showcases authentic moments in parenting and the carefree (sometimes chaotic) nature of babies whose behavior isn’t rash (or more accurately, isn’t affected by diaper rash) thanks to Huggies new Skin Essentials diapers.

Music house Milk & Honey reimagined the original nursery rhyme “if you’re happy and you know it” as a punk-rock anthem.

“What I’ve always loved about the Huggies brand--and all the ‘We Got You, Baby’ work--is that they always talk directly to baby, centering the story on their experience,” said Ted Meyer, creative director at Droga5 NY. “In this work, I love that even as we’re launching a new line of products, we’re doing it in a way that puts babies first--their joy, their comfort, their silly, happy messiness. Ultimately, it’s a story about babyhood and what it can be when babies are free to be themselves.”


Client Kimberly-Clark Brand Huggies Agency Droga5 NY David Droga, founder and Accenture Song CEO; Chioma Aduba, president; Sean Lackey, global chief marketing officer; Pelle Sjoenell, worldwide chief creative officer; Scott Bell, chief creative officer, NY; Kevin Weir, executive creative director; Bastien Grisolet, Ted Meyer, creative director; Loipa Ramos, sr. copywriter; Courtney  Tibbetts, Ross Norton, copywriters; Caroline Filips, jr. copywriter; Sara Smokrovich, Bridget Callahan, Flavio de Arnizant, art directors; Mako Fufu, jr. art director; Dan Pulito, design director; Thalia Kelly, sr. designer; Anna Celine Kaarling Khan, Victoria Burak, designers; Jenn Mann, Ruben Mercadal, co-heads of production; Dave Stephenson, executive producer, film; Volney Guzman, sr. producer, film; Madeleine Wilkinson, Harit Muttreja, Sparkman Clark, associate producers, film; Cliff Lewis, director, art production; Dagmar Wong, sr. producer, art; Lauren Williams, producer, interactive; Mike Ladman, sr. music supervisor; Mara Techam, jr. music supervisor; Michael Osbourn, head of brand strategy; Beth Beckman, brand strategy director; Ashley Celestin, sr. brand strategist. Production Company Love Song Max Weiland, director; Diego Garcia, DP; Kelly Bayett, managing partner; Daniel Wolfe, partner; Paige Kauffman, head of production; Deannie O’Neil, exec producer; Veronica Madrigal, producer. Editorial Cut+Run Beau Dickson, Ethan Mitchell, editors; Eli Beck Gifford, Iris Rodrigo, cutting assistants; Olivia Sack, Eric Estevez, assistant editors; Diana Mendez, sr. producer; Marcia Wigley, head of production; Ellese Shell, exec producer; Lauren Hertzberg, managing partner. Postproduction Blacksmith Perry Tate, head of production; Nicole Saccardi, exec producer; Kevin Liu, producer; Rodolfo Pereira, shoot supervisor; Mark French, Luke Bedillion, 2D lead; Sara Kopke, Chris Koelsch, design; Mikey Pehanich, colorist; Matt Gehl, color assist; Dan Butler, Adam Vevang, producers. Music Milk + Honey Jack Ormandy, Lucas Keller, Neil Ormandy, co-founders, Milk & Honey Silo; Meirav Savyon, head of creative licensing; Evan Kolm, creative manager. Performed by Love Lola Love; Mike MacAllister, producer; Make Mama Proud, Spanish translation. Audio Heard City, Midnight Snack, sound design; Gloria Pitagorsky, managing partner; Evan Mangiamele, Eric Warzecha, sound designers/mixers; T Terressa Tate, Zoltan Monori, sound designers; Danny Irizarry, mixer; Jackie James, head of production; Liana Rosenberg, exec producer; B Munoz, Nick Duvarney, sr. producers; Dylan Stetson, assistant producer; Oddy Litlabo, Zoltan Monori, Chenoa Tarin, Virginia Wright, assistant mixers. CGI Production Tendril Patrick Coffey, creative director; Samuel Bohn, director; Joey Reciskie, co-concept director; Corinne Murray, exec producer; Brittany Sheahan, producer; Tyler Wong, coordinator; Runbo Chen, art director; Flavio Diniz, tech lead & animation rigger; Ben Pilgram, modeler; André Chaves, Murilo Martarello, Luan Rossi, Aleks Liubas, design; Murilo Martarello, Luan Rossi, Nathan Di Rezende, Tyrel Scott, Juliana Custódio, animation; Paulo Schmidt, Arnis Vitols, VFX artists; Yeseong Kim, Andre Chaves, Luan Rossi, Murilo Martarello, Marcelo Souza, Aleks Liubas, light & render; Andre Chaves, Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson, compositing. SFX Circonflex. Photography ACN  Lisa Sorgini, photographer; Tory Bauer, producer

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