Droga5, Liev Schreiber, Director Steve Ayson Issue Wake-Up Call About "Junk Sleep" For Mattress Firm


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2021


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Droga5 just cooked up Mattress Firm’s first-ever creative platform, Junk Sleep. 

So, what is Junk Sleep? When we don’t get nearly enough sleep, primarily because our beds are garbage--that’s Junk Sleep. So instead of recharging after a long day, we endure long nights of tossing and turning, and wake up feeling awful--that’s Junk Sleep. 

Junk Sleep makes us tired, unhappy and unhealthy. Junk Sleep leaves our brains in a fog. Makes us forget things. Makes us screw stuff up. Makes everything difficult. That’s why mattress store chain Mattress Firm’s mission is to Unjunk your sleep. 

Directed by Steve Ayson of MJZ, this anthem spot in the campaign stars Liev Schreiber and plays like a bold, dreamy PSA that identifies and defines a national nightmare. 


Client Mattress Firm Agency Droga5 New York Tim Gordon, Felix Richter, co-chief creative officers; Scott Bell, executive creative director; Andy Ferguson, group creative director; Matty Smith, Will Lowe, creative directors; Victor Moncluz, Joel Francke, associate creative directors; Conner Tobiason, Jason Gold, sr. art directors; Craig Gerringer, sr. copywriter; Jordan Dodson, copywriter; Jesse Austin, jr. copywriter; Sabrina Lau, jr. art director; Craig Wong, group experience design director; Jesse Brihn, director of film & content production; Jeremy Fox, executive producer, film; Oscar Thomas, sr. producer, film; Mateus DeFaria, producer, film; Will Davie, Nick Maschmeyer, group strategy directors; Gideon Olshanksy, strategy director. Production MJZ Steve Ayson, director; Michael Gioulakis, DP; David Zander, Emma Wilcockson, exec producers; Adriana Cebada Mora, producer; Jahmin Assa, production designer.  Editorial & Sound Design Mackenzie Cutler, New York Gavin Cutler, Pamela Petruski, editors; Megan Heard, assistant editor; Gina Pagano, exec producer; Sam Schaffer, sound design. Postproduction Parliament Music Human, bicoastal James Dean Wells, exec producer; Morgan Visconti, Mike Jurasits, creative leads; John Chris Barnes, Craig DeLeon, composers. Audio Post/Sound Design Heard City, New York Evan Mangiamele, mixer/sound designer; Seth Phillips, Stefano Campello, mixers; Gloria Pitagorsky, managing director; Jackie James, Sasha Awn, exec producers; Andi Lewis, producer.

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