The Eightfold Collective Teams With Artists In Detroit On Short Addressing Pandemic, Social Injustice


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jun. 26, 2020


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The Eightfold Collective has partnered with Detroit-based artists and creatives on this short film--’Til We See The Sky--designed to spark a conversation around the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on Black Americans and Detroit natives, and to capture the spirit that held fast even as the worst pandemic in modern history ravaged its neighborhoods. Produced by Detroit native Bre’ann White and directed by The Eightfold Collective’s Nick Stachurski, the film was narrated by four collaborators, Detroit poet/film script writer Mic Phelps, and artists Monalyse, Chase Walker and Kaylan Waterman.

The history of Detroit has changed vastly over the past century, facing countless hardships and injustice and economic and political ups and downs, but a sense of optimism and pride for the city remains in the hearts of many of those who call the city home.  While production began during the height of quarantine at the beginning of May, George Floyd was killed by police officers during the film editing process. Following his untimely death, the Black Lives Matter movement gained additional momentum.

In response, Eightfold pivoted the film to extend beyond the pandemic and speak to all the injustices Black Americans face as whole, and how the city of Detroit embraced the movement and demanded change and justice.

A statement from Eightfold read, “Our film was intended to both document the lived experiences of real people in our neighborhoods, as well as provide a glimmer of hope when it felt like it was needed most. To inspire a sense of togetherness and faith that we could come out on the other side of this pandemic moving towards a world that is better and more equal than the one we left behind. We wanted this film to create positive and productive conversations around the protests that are happening across the world, and to help uplift a movement that will make a permanent change, must, make a change - because Black Lives Matter.”



Production Company The Eightfold Collective Nick Stachurski, director; Bre’ann White, producer; Mic Phelps, Brooke Weatherford, writers; Jesse Barron, DP; Zach Hagy, art director; Aly Weatherford, news footage researcher; Bre’ann White, Zach Hagy, still photos. Postproduction Hiatus Post Josh Beebe, editor. Color Company 3 Sofie Borup, colorist; Alexandra Lubrano, color producer. VFX Esteban Melean Music David Chapdelaine, composer. Sound Design & Mix Gabe Sayre Vocals Aaron Jones, Kaylan waterman. Music Sync Assemble Sound Special Thanks to: Stratton Camera, Advanced Multimedia, Dave Saint George, Express Photo. Voiceover Mic Phelps, Monalyse, Chase Walker, Kaylan Waterman. Cast Leslie Morgan, Marwan Faulkner, Doc, Roxy, Kiza, Michael Reyes, Muhammad, Edna White, Yolanda Haynes, Gary Harvey, Anthony Bost, Eric Murray, Junior, Dedriauna Walker, Dre, Omi, Dre Dad, Malcom Burke, Whitney Harmen, Rhonda Slauter, Verna Slauter, Slauter Family, Jaibe Bates, Jyra Lisa Bates, Dorian Bates, Jaesha Bates, Dillan Bates, Taiyon Bates, Tia Bates, Jayare Bates, Matthew Parry, Lela Terrell-Peoples, Tray Little, Mr. Green, Bre’ann White

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