Energy BBDO, Director Jakob Ström Make "Real Friend Request" For Extra Gum 


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Aug. 3, 2020


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Directed by Jakob Ström for Energy BBDO, this ad opens on Celia, a 14-year old girl chewing gum and scrolling through her phone. The older sister, Lena, is filming herself learning a dance and tries to ask Celia for a piece of EXTRA® gum but, her gestures go unnoticed. Later, Lena grabs a pen and writes: NEW FRIEND: LENA [ ] CONFIRM [ ] DENY on an EXTRA® wrapper. Celia then looks up at her, smiles and puts down her phone reminding us that sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most refreshing.

Titled “Real Friend Request,” the spot is running across multiple platforms and channels, including television and full episode players such as Hulu, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The :30 is also available on YouTube.


Client Mars Wrigley/Extra Gum Agency Energy BBDO Joss Gross, Pedro Perez, co-chief creative officers; Kenny Blumenschein, executive creative director; Elaine Kalvelage, Cassidy Buzin, associate creative director; John Pratt, head of integrated production; Annie Burger, producer; Dan Kuypers, executive directo rof music; Karolina Barej, music business coordinator. Production Company Drama Svecia (Stockholm) Jakob Ström, director; Mikael Flodeell, producer. Editorial Flare Chicago Casey Cobler, editor; Geoff Cronin, assistant editor; Jenny McDonald, exec producer; Allison Hemingway, associate design producer; Steven Aguilar, sr. audio engineer; Jason Kerman, finish artist. Color Nice Shoes Ron Sudul, colorist; Serena Bove, producer.

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