Fred & Farid, Director Lope Serrano Tell Tale of 2 Women and Their Longchamp Bags


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020


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Coming off its recent agency of record win for Longchamp, Fred & Farid Los Angeles is launching its first global campaign for the luxury handbag brand. The new tagline for the brand, “Très Paris” (very Paris), serves as a tribute to the hometown of Longchamp, and brings the brand back to its roots in the city of love. 

The new campaign features this eight-minute short film directed by Lope Serrano (from the directorial duo CANADA) follows two women and their bags, of course, and how they experience Paris at 5am, when the city truly comes to life. Each actress has a different storyline that ultimately brings them to each other in a unique ending. 

Fred & Farid chose a French woman and an English woman as the actresses in an effort to emphasize that everyone can be Parisian if they want to be, and they can certainly be “tres Paris.”

Of course, as with many campaigns that launched this year, “Tres Paris” did not come without hurdles. Just five days before shooting the short film, France shut down due to COVID-19. With the Fred & Farid team in Paris, they had to rush back to the states before being stranded in another country. After several months of putting the film on hold and wondering if it was a good idea to move forward at all, the team rescheduled the shoot for August, doing it entirely remote from LA, with only the director and a few crew members on set. 

For the short, Clara Luciani sings a new rendition of “Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille,” an iconic Parisian song, which helped inspire this hybrid music video/narrative piece.
Fred & Farid Los Angeles’ creative director Chelsea Steiger said, “Lope is one of the most visionary and passionate directors we’ve ever worked with in the agency. He’s setting a high bar for the next Longchamp campaign we’ll produce.”


Client Longchamp Agency Fred & Farid Los Angeles Fred & Farid, chief creative officers; Chelsea Steiger, creative director Radouane Guissi, writer, art director; Hilary Smith, writer; Laura Beck, art director; Damien Fournier, producer. Production CANADA Lope Serrano aka CANADA, director; Oscar Romagosa, managing director/EP; Lope Serrano, Pablo Guirado, screenplay; Matias Boucard, DP; Diane C. Milesi, producer; Fanny Ourevitch, lead sr. stylist; Christine Corbel, key makeup artist; Tomohiro Ohashi, key hair stylist; Pascaline Feutry, production designer. Postproduction La Metropolitana Carlos Font Clos, editor; Marc Morato, colorist. Production Services Diplomats France Solal Micemacher, managing director/EP; Guillaume Lafrancois, line producer; Julia Mongin, production coordinator. Postproduction/VFX Mathematic Guillaume Marien, EP; Guillaume Audibet, VFX producer; Stéphanie Pedelacq, Johan Luce-Antoinette, VFX post producers; Daniel Rodrigues, VFX supervisor. Sound Production Schmooze Gregoire Galian, producer; Jean Philippe Borgeot, Jean Luc Verschelde, mix.

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