FRED & FARID L.A., Director Casey Storm Open Wide In "Crocodile" Spot For Ladder


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 11, 2022


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Ladder, the company offering flexible life insurance in minutes, released “Crocodile,” the second installation of its “So Good” brand campaign — a series of humorous and memorable films built around the unique consumer insight that almost 1 in 2 couples with life insurance joke about taking each other out for the payout. 

Created in partnership with creative/culture agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles and director Casey Storm (also known as a costume designer for the likes of Spike Jonze and David Fincher), the new film stars the Ladder mom unleashing another inventive plot on her beloved husband: this time with the ruse of a romantic parental rendezvous and a little help from a crocodile. Once again, dad escapes the outlandish trap (mostly) unphased, retorting “I’m ok guys!” with his signature happy-go-lucky demeanor. 

“I love this campaign,” said Storm. “For me as a director, the scripts and the campaign are a home run. I’ve heard how effective the last campaign was and I’m sure this next devilish round will be equally successful at raising brand awareness and making people smile.”


Client Ladder Agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles Fred & Farid, chief creative officers; Chelsea Steiger, creative director; Ciana Alessi, copywriter; Amanda Van Caneghem, executive producer; Eileen Zhao, strategy director; Production  Production Company Productions Casey Storm, director; Rob Hatch-Miller, Puloma Basu, exec producers/producers; Tom Scharpling, exec producer; Jake Polonsky, DP. Editorial Exile Matt Murphy, editor; Ersin Dogruer, assistant editor; CL Kumpata, Jennifer Locke, exec producers; Samantha Axelrod, post producer. Color Company 3 Sean Coleman, sr. colorist; Matt Moran, sr. color producer; Connor Callaghan, exec producer. Finish Company 3 Brian Conlon, lead Flame artist; Kelly Bumbarger, Sean Wilson, Cecile F. Tescon, Flame artists; Pam Gonzales, Marianne Magne, roto artists; Paula S. Jiménez, sr. finishing producer; Connor Callaghan, exec producer, finish; Music Human, bicoastal Kamela Anderson, head of sync and A&R; Craig DeLeon, creative director; Jon Hubbell, composer. Sound Design LSD, Santa Monica, Calif. Sam Casas, sound designer. Audio Post Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif. Sam Casas, mixer; Susie Boyajan, exec producer.

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