Funworks, Directing Duo Peter Martin Have Pie And Eat It Too For Hint Water


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Nov. 11, 2019


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Hint Water has always prided itself on not only delivering refreshment without sugar, diet sweeteners, calories or preservatives, but also flavors so authentic, they’re almost unbelievable. So unbelievable, in fact, that the San Francisco-based brand partnered with creative agency Funworks for a comedic campaign that takes fans of Hint on an unexpected journey to explore just how absurdly accurate their fruit flavors really are. 

“Making something taste just like fruit without tasting artificial or adding sweeteners is really, really hard to do,” explains Funworks CCO Craig Mangan. “And it’s something that Hint deserves acknowledgment for, so we wanted to make sure that people knew this flavor innovation was unique to Hint in a really memorable way.”

One such way is in this spot titled “Pie” which takes us to a pie-eating contest which veers into physical comedy as two contestants contrast unsweetened Blackberry and Cherry Hint to the fruit filling on each others’ faces.

The package of spots, including “Pie,” was directed by Peter Martin of The Corner Shop. Peter Martin is a directorial duo consisting of Peter Livolsi and Martin Dix.


Client Hint Water Agency Funworks Kenny White, chief creativity architect; Craig Mangan, chief creative officer; Jack Woodworth, Quentin Shuldiner, creative directors; Maggie Bradshaw, art director; Ashley Henderson, executive producer; Ben Evangelista, producer. Production The Corner Shop Peter Martin (Peter Livolsi and Martin Dix), directors; Jay Shapiro, exec producer; Corey Walter, DP. Editorial HutchCo Joaquin Machado, editor; Jane Hutchins, exec producer. VFX LVLY Bryce Edwards, exec producer; Jonathan McPheeters, color.

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