GEICO, The Martin Agency, Director Ulf Johansson Play "Accordion" For Laughs


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 15, 2024


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This spot affirms that GEICO insurance can cover homes, cars, motorcycles, even accordions. You’ve heard of dueling banjos. Well this charmingly offbeat commercial gives us dueling accordions, pitting a squeezebox-playing woman passenger in a car against a male who’s in the sidecar of a motorcycle, playing the instrument to his heart’s content. While the woman ends up victorious, everybody wins with GEICO coverage.

Aptly titled “Accordion,” this spot was directed by Ulf Johansson of Smith and Jones Films for The Martin Agency. 


Client GEICO Agency The Martin Agency Danny Robinson, CEO; Jerry Hoak, chief creative officer; Ashley Marshall, executive creative director; Neel Williams, group creative director; Kim Nguyen, Kate Placentra, creative directors; David Gibson, associate creative director/copywriter; Jennifer Yi, associate creative director/art director; Melissa Wiseman, sr. studio artist; Judd Burnette, design director; Heather Collier, executive producer; Liza Miller, sr. content producer. Production Company Smith and Jones Ulf Johansson, director; Philippa Smith, exec producer; Mark Berg, producer; Andrzej Sekula, DP. Editorial Cut+Run Frank Effron, editor; Ramon de Souza, cutting assist; Brian Mulvey, sr. producer; Amburr Farls, managing partner. VFX Framestore Kamen Markov, VFX creative director; Karch Coon, Jonathan Jobin, VFX supervisors; Eric Rosenfeld, VFX shoot supervisor; Elaina Brilliantes, Noah Catan, Em Hackley, Christopher Halstead, compositing; Amanda Harris, Matt Dobrez, Flame finishing; Antara Ghosh, Nathan Zankich, design; Callum McKeveny, Benjamin Walant, Menelaos Peristeridis, DMP; John Dimare, FS VFX editor; Alexia Paterson, sr. producer; Madison Bullock, production coordinator. Telecine Company 3 Jean-Clement Soret, creative post lead; Matthieu Toullet, sr. colorist; Edwin Elkington, sr. producer. Music Tempest Original Music and Sound Ian Jeffreys, exec producer; Aaron Kotler, Mike MacAllister, executive creative directors; Michael Levey, accordion showdown. Sound Design & Mix Heard City Mike Vitacco, sound designer & mixer; Jackie James, exec producer.

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