Goodby Silverstein NY Formulates "Personality Quiz" For Montclair Film Festival


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022


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Goodby Siverstein & Partners (GS&P) New York created this campaign for the Montclair Film Festival which includes three comedic TV spots.

Explaining the rationale behind the campaign, Tom Hall, artistic director and co-head of Montclair Film, shared, “We wanted to find a way to highlight the value of the theatrical experience while acknowledging the challenges the industry is facing in terms of piracy and file sharing. This campaign accomplishes both of those things by inviting people into the cinema and The Montclair Film Festival, so they could personally enjoy what makes moviegoing great and hopefully join us in becoming champions for the theatrical experience.”

Each commercial follows the ill-fated results of attempting to satisfy your curiosities out in the world, rather than safely at the Montclair Film Festival. In this spot titled “Personality Quiz,” a woman falls for a scam personality quiz online, resulting in her identity being stolen. If only she hadn’t let curiosity get the best of her--instead she can embrace her curiosity at the Montclair Film Fest which runs Oct. 21-30. Tickets are on sale to see a stellar lineup of feature films.
In addition to the three spots (stock footage, edited by e-level (Goodby’s in-house production department), the overall campaign from GS&P NY also includes a fake streaming website promising free access to the Montclair fest slate of films. Seeding the faux streaming site across the web, the activation is designed to lure in curious movie pirates and offer them free tickets instead--\revealing them for what they truly are: movie fans. 


Client Montclair Film Festival Tom Hall, artistic director & co-head of Montclair Film; Jill Montque, marketing director. Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) New York Danny Gonzalez, David Suarez, executive creative directors; Chase Doutre, Daniel O’Connor, associate creative directors; Chris Luu, art director; Harrison Fuerst, copywriter; Topher Cochrane, executive producer; Nicole Richards, group communications strategy director. Sound Design/Mix/Music duotone Ross Hoppman, music; Andy Green, mix; Greg Tiedenbrun, production. Editorial e-level Erik Johnson, editor; Jocelyn Carranza, assistant editor; Michael Damiani, exec producer.

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