Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Specialized Electric Bikes Urge Us To “Learn to Ride Again” 


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 19, 2020


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As the world reconsiders how to move again during the pandemic, Specialized is inspiring people to learn to ride again in a new campaign for its lineup of Turbo electric bikes. 

Cities from Bogotá to Berlin are repurposing road space for cyclists, and commuters are swapping four wheels for two. Compared with last year, cycling is up by 50 percent in New York City and 150 percent in Philadelphia as officials, as well as the World Health Organization, advise the public to consider riding bikes for transportation and recreation.

Six months ago, Specialized bicycles could never have anticipated just how relevant their latest campaign, the just released “Learn to Ride Again,” highlighting their full range of Turbo electric bikes, would be today. 

“A little more bike can do a lot more now. On an electric bike, you can ride faster, farther and for longer than you ever could before. Whether it’s replacing short car trips--which are the most carbon-intensive trips you can take--or getting more laps in on your favorite trails or exploring past that one hill you never quite conquered, we really believe that this isn’t a fad and that the future looks bright,” said Mike Sinyard, the founder and CEO of Specialized. 

Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), this hero film celebrates every aspect of Specialized’s Turbo electric bikes. 

“Turbo gives people a reason to ride again, because it’s nothing like the bikes you may have ridden as a kid,” said Rich Silverstein, GS&P co-founder and co-chairman. “As the voiceover says, ‘It’s two wheels of hair-raising power that will revolutionize the way you move.’ This is exactly what we need right now.” 

The positive impact that electric bikes could have on climate change plays a central role in the film, which even calls out the president. As the White House is depicted in a sea of melting ice, the voiceover remarks, “Yes, Donald, it’s a real issue!”

The film doesn’t just set out to entice dormant cyclists; it also promises speedier miles to road riders and crazier trips to mountain junkies. In one scene a Turbo rider jumps over an entire mountain range. A rallying cry of “Let’s learn to ride again” concludes the film on a powerful note as cities around the globe are seen as being devoid of cars and, instead, greener, cleaner and full of cyclists.


Client Specialized Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, co-chairmen; Matt Edwards, Wes Phelan, creative directors; Maria Sousa Machado, art director; Claire Stokes, copywriter; Chelsea Bruzzone, brand strategist; Leila Gage, head of broadcast production; Tess Kenner, exec producer. Editorial elevel, San Francisco Michael Damiani, director of postproduction; John Dutton, exec producer; Graham Willcox, editor; Liz Norris, assistant editor. Audio & Sound Design elevel Nic Dematteo, sound designer & mixer; Michael Damiani, head of production; Joshua Brown, exec producer. VFX elevel Mike Landry, motion graphics creative director; Nathan Shipley, technical director motion; Anthony Enos, Brad Lowery, Natasha Candelaria, Chad Ford, Luke Davisson, motion artists; Michael Damiani, head of production; John Dutton, exec producer. Music Human Carol Dunn, exec producer; Joshua Green, producer; Jon Hubbell, Gareth Williams, composers. Track titles: “Rides Again” and “Non Sense” Color Company 3 Tom Poole, colorist; Alexandra Lubrano, color producer.

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