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Halo Wars 2's official E3 Trailer


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Aug. 19, 2016


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This CG trailer from Blur Studio for Halo Wars 2 shows the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire facing off against a dangerous mercenary force known as The Banished as they battle for supremacy within the Halo universe. To visually convey each leader’s skill in quickly analyzing an action-packed battlefield, the trailer includes multiple slow-motion sequences at 1,000 frames per second, giving viewers a ringside look at what these commanders must process while in the heat of battle.


Visual Effects/Animation: Blur Studio, Culver City, Calif. Sebaastien Chort, Peter Wildman, CG sups; Tiffany Weber, prod; Al Shier, EP; Chris Grim, character modeling lead; Gage Hedden, character modeling/modeling/scene assembly lead; Christine Holmes, Samuel Perez, Beat Reichenbach, character modeling/modeling; Joel Durham, Daniel Kho, Tom Wholley, character modeling; Tyler Fox, tech animation TD; Thierry Labelle, animation supervisor, animator; Ryan McGeary, animation lead; Arturo Aguilar, Marc Berrouet, Adam Dorner, Adnan Hussain, Mark Mancewicz, cloth/hair; John Cornejo, Bobby Cardenas, Wade Ivy, Bee Jin Tan, Jared Tripp, compositing; Kirby Miller, FX supervisor; Brian Alvarez, Daniel Chamberlin, Yates Holley, James Newton, Victor Wei, FX; Anthony Romero, motion capture sup. (Toolbox: Softimage, 3DS Max, Ornatrix, Nuke V-Ray, FumeFX, thinkingParticles, Rayfire, XMesh, Krakatoa, Houdini) Agency:  twofifteenmccann, San Francisco Production: Blur Studio, Culver City, Calif. Dave Wilson, director


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