Jung von Matt London, Directing Duo Adam & Dave "Get It Out Of Your Head and Into Your Home" For Wayfair


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 14, 2024


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Wayfair, a major online destination for all things home, launches the third iteration of its integrated strategic campaign--“Go Your Own Wayfair”. This is the first spot of the campaign developed by Jung von Matt London for Wayfair.co.uk.

This spot--titled “Get it out of your head and into your home”--tells the story of a woman who can’t stop thinking about furniture, so much so that she keeps encountering products in the most unexpected places, whether that’s on the commuter tube or at the coffee shop. Finally, with the help of Wayfair, she’s able to realize her dreams and find the perfect furniture for her home. 

In a joint statement, Charlie Hurst and Marcos Gemal, executive creative directors of Jung von Matt London, shared, “When you’re creating your perfect space at home, it’s hard to stop thinking about it, even when going about your daily life. This is something we have really enjoyed bringing to life with this creative.“

“Get it out of your head and into your home” was directed by Adam & Dave through Arts & Sciences.


Client Wayfair Agency Jung von Matt, London Charlie Hurst, Marcos Gemal, executive creative directors; Max Batten, creative director/writer; Marie Rothemund, art director; Samara Zagnoiev, Ralph Teichmann,Antonia Duering, producers. Production Company Arts & Sciences Adam & Dave, directors; Tom Farley, producer; James Bland, managing director & partner. Postproduction Black Kite Tito Fernandes, shoot supervisor; George K., colorist; Marcus Moffat, VFX lead; Phil Walley, producer. Music  da house Wonder Bettin, Rodrigo Lemos, composer and music production; Lucas Mayer, Silvio Erne, music production. Voiceover DaHouse Audio Tony Horkins, voiceover artist. Sound Design & Audio Post 750mph Sam Ashwell, Jake Ashwell, sound design & mix; Olivia Ray, audio producer.

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