KLVDR Directs Mahalia's "One Night Only" Music Video


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Nov. 26, 2018


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Director KLVDR kicks off his tenure at Pulse Films with this music video for Mahalia’s “One Night Only.”

KLVDR described “’One Night Only’ as “a step in a new direction for me. It explores the different perspective of how women are judged by one night stands; I wanted this to feel amplified but not taboo nor demoralizing.”


Client Mahalia, Warner Music UK; Nicola Sheppard, commissioner. Production Pulse Films KLVDR, director; Maurizio Von Trapp, producer; Rik Green, exec producer; Gareth Lewis, 1st AD; Stefan Yap, DP; Marcus Albertsen, focus puller; Lucas Campain, 2nd AC; Elena Isolini, art director; Nathan Klein, stylist; Rio Sreedharan, hair & makeup. Editorial Stitch Editing Charlie Rotberg, editor. Color Cheat Joseph Bicknell, colorist.

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