Knucklehead's Charlotte Regan Directs Mumford & Sons' "Beloved" Music Video


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2019


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Charlotte Regan of production house Knucklehead in London directed this heart wrenching music video, “Beloved,” for Mumford & Sons which acknowledges the crushing pain of loss while celebrating cherished memories.

Shot in Port Talbot Wales, the story centers on a son and his ill mother. Breaking free from the hospital and still in her hospital gown, mom enjoys some final time together with her son in a dream-like sequence culminating with the pair riding on horses. But is this a son’s dream? Or is there a profound reality to our memories?


Client Island Records/Mumford & Sons David Knight, commissioner at Island Records Production Knucklehead, London Charlotte Regan, director; Ore Okonedo, producer; Jack Wilkinson, DP; Earleatha Oppon, production assistant; Elena Muntoni, art director; Oliver Cronk, costumes; Tom Wynborne, 1st AD. Editorial Stitch Paul O’Reilly, editor. Casting Claire Bleasdale Casting Sound Design Enos Desjardins, sound designer. Cast James Sykes, Diedre Mullins 

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