Matthew McConaughey, Directors Igor + Valentine "Thinking Of You" For Lincoln, Hudson Rouge


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Mar. 29, 2021


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The team of Igor + Valentine directed via Psyop/Blacklist this Lincoln animation spot, “Thinking Of You,” for agency Hudson Rouge, New York. 

Matthew McConaughey narrates this animated piece for an automotive brand that has historically gone the live-action production route. We hear about how Lincoln is thinking of its customers, being considerate during these considered times.


Client Lincoln Agency Hudson Rouge, New York Production/Animation Psyop/Blacklist, bicoastal Igor + Valentine, directors; Andrew Linsk, exec producer; Cameron Lewis, producer; Matt Smithson, design and animation; David Stanfield, Eze Matteo, Dante Zaballa, animation. (Toolbox: After Effects, Photoshop, Animate)

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