McCann NY, Hornet Director Yves Geleyn "All Aboard" In Animated Film For NY Lottery


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020


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The New York Lottery’s first major campaign since quarantine celebrates the great State of NY while inspiring some serious hometown pride. The New York Series Scratch-Off Game includes five tickets each of which features a New York icon—from the Brooklyn Bridge to Niagara Falls and beyond. In a first for the Lottery-agency partnership, McCann New York worked with local New York artist, Vi Luong, to design the tickets from the ground up. Intricate black and white drawings and detailed line art reflect a more minimalist yet stunning approach—an eye-popping departure from the typical multi-colored Scratch-Off. 

“All Aboard,” a magical, animated film brings the tickets to life. Directed by Yves Geleyn from the Hornet studio, it whisks viewers away on a flying train ride across the state, and features an updated rendition of the timeless song, “Autumn in New York.” Autumn always renews a love of New York, and the ticket launch corresponds with this moment inspiring New York pride.


Client New York Lottery Agency McCann New York Eric Silver, North American chief creative officer; Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy, chief creative officers, NY; Mat Bisher, EVP, executive creative director; Jason Ashlock, Dominick Baccollo, SVPs, group creative directors; Emily Salas, Tyler Gonerka, creative directors; Noah Benezra, sr. writer; Antony Rush, sr. art director;  Nathy Aviram, chief production officer; Andrea Kaye, SVP executive integrated producer; Mackenzie Reif, producer; Eric Johnson, SVP, executive music producer; Laura Frank, SVP, group strategy director; Emily Brown, VP, strategy director; Grace Freeman, sr. social strategist; Jordana Judson, community manager.  Ticket Artist Mister Vi Production Hornet, New York Yves Geleyn, director, storyboard artist; Hana Shimizu, managing director, exec producer; Greg Bedard, head of production; Kristin Labriola, head of creative development; Dez Stavracos, sr. producer; Anita Chao, editor; Olivia Sack, Noah Rauchwerk, assistant editors; Annalee Walton, associate producer; Nico Benenati, production coordinator; Natalie Labarre, art director, storyboard artist, character designer; Tavet Gillson, art director, environment designer, 2D animator, compositor, motion design; Vi Luong, Song Kang, environment designers; Nicola Coin, environment designer & compositor; Fred Gardner, train layout design; Aga Kubish, additional design; Maxime Jouniot, Hyo Bin Kang, Dahui Wang, Sami Healy, Adam Bohorquez, Janelle Feng, 2D animators; Jordan Scott, motion design, compositor; Seongjin Yoon, motion design, compositor; Bil Thomson, compositor; Richard Lampasone, additional compositing; Winnie Feng, CG pre-viz; Maxime Jouniot, CG train. Music Human, bicoastal Andrew Bloch, creative lead; Morgan Visconti, creative lead & arrangement; James Dean Wells, exec producer; Maya Solovey, singer, English & Spanish; new rendition of "Autumn in New York" Audio Sonic Union, New York Steve Rosen, mixer; Miriam Hyman, VO artist, English; Joel Perez, AVO artist, English; Nicole Betancourt, VO artist, Spanish; Gabriel Gutierrez, AVO artist, Spanish; Paul Weiss, GSTV mix engineer.

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