Miller Lite, DDB, SMUGGLER Director Tony Yacenda Install "Cantenna" For Streaming Football Games


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2020


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With so many football fans ditching cable these days, and so few places to watch without going to a bar, many people are seeking out games on super sketchy illegal streaming sites. 

To combat this real-life problem, DDB Chicago and Miller Lite created a tongue-in-cheek solution, Cantenna—a real can of Miller Lite with a built-in digital TV antenna—so fans can watch free football with friends anytime.  And to launch this ridiculous product, on the first Sunday night of the NFL season, they flooded Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook groups—all the places where people find illegal streams—with links to their own carefully-faked streaming sites. 

On their sites, users found a video which appeared to be a live stream of the game, featuring what appeared to be a country-rock “Sunday Night Football” musical opener,  a familiar trope of game night.

For the video, DDB Chicago and Miller Lite tapped director Tony Yacenda of SMUGGLER, known for his hit Netflix series American Vandal, his collaborations with Lil’ Dicky and the break-out FX Networks’ show Dave

Yacenda, also an avid football fan, knew for the video to work, he had to make fans think they’d found a working link to an illegal streaming site.  The video starts with a brilliant misdirect of a local attorney ad (accentuated by faux internet buffering) before launching into the musical intro.  What follows is part music video, part stunt and brilliant product launch, taking users on a wild ride and cautionary tale detailing all the terrible consequences of getting mixed up in sketchy pirate streams (Identity theft! Prison sentences! Warm beer!). Yacenda infused his trademark comedic style and tremendous attention to subtle details throughout.  It’s a film made by a football fan, for football fans.


Client Miller Lite Agency DDB Chicago Ari Weiss, chief creative officer, worldwide; Britt Nolan, chief creative officer, North America; Ben Wolan, executive creative director; Myra Nussbaum, group creative director; Nathaniel Lawler, creative director; Alejandro Juli, VP, creative director; Paul Carpenter Guiga Cunha, associate creative directors; Katie Samulson, copywriter; Drew Butler, art director; Diane Jackson, chief production officer, Chicago; Matt Blitz, SVP, executive producer; Adam Battista, sr. producer; Jonathan Palmer, strategy director; Biz Anderson, strategist; Mike Norgard, digital director. Production SMUGGLER, bicoastal Tony Yacenda, director; Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody, Sue Yeon Ahn, executive producers; Cat Restrepo, producer. Editorial Union Editorial Patrick Tuck, editor; Otto Mertins, assistant editor; Dani DuHadway, producer.  Music Butter Music + Sound, bicoastal Andrew Sherman, chief creative officer; Ian Jeffreys, managing director/exec producer; Aaron Kotler, executive creative director & composer; Renee Masse, producer. Sound Design/Audio Post Mr. Bronx, New York Dave Wolfe, sound designer/mixer; Geoff Strasser, engineer; Lauren Flack, exec producer. Color a52 Gregory Reese, colorist; Jenny Bright, producer; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer. VFX Parliament  

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