MJZ Director Tom Kuntz, BBH LA Stage "Bank Heist" For Quibi Super Bowl Spot


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jan. 31, 2020


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Quibi, the entertainment platform created for mobile, will make its commercial debut on America’s biggest stage with a :30 right after the kickoff of the Super Bowl. Short for “quick bites,” Quibi is built for easy, on-the-go mobile viewing with new episodes of movie-quality shows delivered in 10 minutes or less.

Directed by Tom Kuntz of MJZ for agency BBH LA, the Quibi spot titled “Bank Heist” shows the culprits looking to make their escape after robbing a bank. Their get-away driver, though, is engrossed in Quibi content, informing his fellow potential felons that he will be ready to pick them up once he’s finished with a “quick bite” of Quibi content. Indeed “quick bites” mean “big stories” that are hard to leave.

Ned McNeilage, BBH LA chief creative officer, said, “Our intention was to capture what makes Quibi unique--short episodes of premium content--and do so in a way that juxtaposes highly polished production value with a good dose of irreverence and humor, just like the platform itself. This is built upon 18 months of partnership with Quibi on their B2B strategy and consumer plans. We are excited to launch the brand on such an epic stage.”

Set to roll out on April l6, Quibi is the first entertainment platform designed specifically for the smartphone. Quibi will feature original content from Hollywood’s biggest stars from Jennifer Lopez and Liam Hemsworth to Catherine Hardwicke and Guillermo del Toro.
Jeffrey Katzenberg is Quibi’s founder and chairman of the board. Meg Whitman is CEO of Quibi.


Client Quibi Agency BBH LA Ned McNeilage, chief creative officer; Danger Bea, Ben Hodgin, creative directors; Alex Schaeffer, Abbas Deidehban, associate creative directors; Kevin Tosi, sr. copywriter; Natalie Seitz, sr. art director; Peter Williams, executive producer; Danny Nouri, sr. producer; Agatha Guerrier, head of strategy; Katie Acosta, strategy director; Maggie Bonner, sr. strategist; Ariel Sayre, strategist. Production MJZ Tom Kuntz, director; David Zander, president/exec producer; Eriks Krumins, sr. exec producer; Suza Horvat, producer; Hoyte van Hoytema, DP; Brock Houghton, production designer. Editorial MackCut Gavin Cutler, Ryan Steele, editors; Gina Pagano, exec producer; Devon Flint, assistant editor; Color Company 3 Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Gabriel Wakeman, sr. producer; Ashley McKim, exec producer. Sound Design Lime Sound Design (LSD) Michael Anastasi, Kai Paquin, sound designers; Susie Boyajan, exec producer. Audio Post Lime Studios Matt Miller, audio mixer; Ian Collins, audio assistant; Susie Boyajan, exec producer. VFX/Finishing The Mill Phil Crowe, executive creative director; John Leonti, creative director; Anastasia von Rahl, exec producer; Sumer Zuberi, producer; Camille Burkett, coordinator; Tim Crabtree, Tim Robbins, 2D leads; Brett Lopinsky, Cristian Kong, Patrick Kipper, 2D.

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