Monday, September 25, 2017
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Not To Scale Brings "Real Heroes" To Life For Michelin, Virtue Worldwide


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jul. 17, 2017


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Directors Colin Hesterly and Le Cube worked together to recreate real stories of customers and Michelin employees in playful spots produced by Not To Scale New York for Michelin with agency Virtue Worldwide. As each “Real Heroes” narrative unfolds, we learn about the role of the Michelin employee when they went above and beyond the call of duty while helping customers in need.

Hesterly and Le Cube combined their skills in breathing life and personality into animated characters and storylines. Infusing a fun and quirky charm that feels silly yet sophisticated, the directors were inspired by the visual styles of classic UPA cartoons and School House Rock, bringing a modern eye to an iconic style.

In “Meg,” the title character is a mom who’s driving to the museum with her four boys as passengers when their car’s front tire picks up a nail. Michelin comes to the rescue, getting them back on the road and on to the museum.

“The agency gave us these wonderful stories, which allowed us to explore and have fun,” said Hesterly. “If you watch the films with a discerning eye, you’ll begin to notice all the tire-shaped objects--everything from the trees to the characters’ shapes themselves.” 


Client Michelin Agency Virtue Worldwide Emma Starzacher, head of production; Momo Berg-Munch, producer; Tyler Pierce, creative director; Garret Mutz, Imran Hafiz, creatives. Production/Animation Studio Not To Scale/Le Cube
Ralph Karam, Colin Hesterly, directors; Eve Strickman, Gustavo Karam, Juan Manuel Freire, exec producers; Brittany Wimmer, Antonela Castro, line producers; Martin Lara, animation director; Colin Hesterly, art director; Martin Vinograd, art; Katherine Pryor, Amelia Vidal. Aleta Vidal, Francisco Luque, Adriano Nizoli, Eugenia Casal, Sara Boix, Guy Charnaux, Cintia Czeszczewik, Memé Candia, Pablo Cuello, Sergio Kechu, 2D animators; Juan Pablo Barbieri, Florencia Laurenzi, Julieta Culaciati, 2D animation assistants; Jardeson Rocha, Erik Righetti, Javier Bianchi, animation; Vicente Ziegler, Christian Rey Willis, 3D modeling; Vicente Ziegler, Rodrigo Lopez, 3D animators; Ralph Karam, Jardeson Rocha, compositing.

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