Park Pictures' AG Rojas Directs Kamasi Washington's "Street Fighter Mas" Music Video


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jun. 29, 2018


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AG Rojas, represented by Park Pictures, directed this music video for Kamasi Washington’s latest single “Street Fighter Mas” from Washington’s new album Heaven and Earth. Rojas dives into Washington’s psychedelic modern jazz world, pairing the musician’s larger-than-life instrumentation with a visual narrative pitting Kamasi against his nemesis in a round of the classic video game Street Fighter.

The video begins with our “hero,” Kamasi himself, setting out on a journey to find a worthy Street Fighter opponent, and ends with an epic battle against his newfound rival, Combo Fiend. The album Heaven and Earth was released on June 22.


Production Park Pictures AG Rojas, director; Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Dinah Rodriguez, exec producers; Jeremy Hartman, line producer; Rina Yang, DP; Kyle David, production designer; Aliceand Louie Clothing, styling; Tatiana Valentin, costume designer. Editorial Exile Zaldy Lopez, editor. VFX a52 Color The Mill Gregory Resse, colorist. Special Thanks Banch Abegaze + Alex Fisch


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