Park Pictures, Terri Timely Come Full Circle With “Lazy Susan” Comedy Short


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019


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Production company Park Pictures and directing duo Terri Timely envision turned out this comedic short film titled Lazy Susan. The piece revolves around Susan, dubbed "Lazy Susan" by her demanding family. She can’t be bothered to move much in contrast to her backflipping fast-paced sister "Active Annie." When a trendy neighborhood self-serve soup joint threatens the family restaurant, it comes to light that many of Susan’s time-saving inventions have some modern purpose, though none more noteworthy than the spinning disc able to pass food around the table--i.e. the “lazy susan.”

The film commands furniture in-motion to hammer home the titular character’s inherent laziness, juxtaposing the motion of a lazy susan as she slouches in chairs and across couches rotating around a fixed point, much like her inspirational record player and next big invention. In contrast, lightning-speed camera cuts chase her sister as she deftly cleans house and serves dinner, assured and smug in her position as the favorite daughter. Ultimately, with the restaurant saved by the new novelty, Susan’s skill sets are given the recognition they deserve with humorous nods to trends of decades past.

The film bears many of Terri Timely’s stylistic hallmarks and tendency to showcase atypical narratives, resembling such award-winning works as their Geico “Unskippable” campaign, which garnered numerous industry awards including a Grand Prix win at the 2015 Cannes Lions. Additional film work includes the Avant/Garde Diaries documentary Father Philanthropy (2013), about the master art forger Mark Landis, and the short film Input/Output (2015), which was voted one of Vimeo’s “Best of the Year.” 


Production Park Pictures Terri Timely, director/writer; Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Lance Acord, Sam Bisbee, Theodora Dunlap, executive producers; David “Lambo” Lambert, producer; Donavan Sell, DP; Alyssa Carper, Andrew Chennisi, Ryan Miller, production supervisors; Ginger Tougas, production designer; Liza Coggins, Isaac Prado, hair/makeup. VFX Artjail Steve Mottershead, sr. VFX supervisor; John Skeffington, head of production. exec producer; Emily Branham, producer; Chris Memoli, lead Flame artist; Emily Bloom, Chris Sonia, Flame artists; Hahn Byol Chang, Jeremy Lloyd-Styles, Flame assist; Dayung Jo, Alex Harding, Nuke artists; Sandor Toledo, Ben Elliott, CG artists; Tim Haldeen, title design; Michael Foran, titles animation; Pat Romano, Adam Kedis, VFX rigging. Leslie McCartney, executive color producer; Clinton Homuth, color. Editorial Union Editorial Christjan Jordan, editor; Dani Duhadway, post producer. Music Rob Kieswetter with help from Buzzy Cohen Sound Design Rich Bologna, sound designer. Audio Ken Mantlo, sound mixer. Casting Jodi Sonnenberg. Wardrobe Kelle Kutsuguris, David Kaufmann. Cast Monica Hong, Julia Morizawa, Cathy Chang, Roger Lowe, Karen Yum, Ian Suh, Bill Lee Brown.

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