Preymaker Rolls Out Trailer For Its Short Film "BLUE"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022


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This trailer promotes an upcoming animated short film titled BLUE. Both the trailer and the short were produced by Preymaker, created in the cloud using Unreal Engine’s real-time technology. BLUE is exec produced by Angus Kneale, co-founder and chief creative of Preymaker, and directed by Rob Petrie, creative at Preymaker.

With BLUE and its young protagonist Jules, Preymaker wants to open people’s eyes to a more diverse world by telling a story from a perspective that has not been adequately represented in our culture. The trailer gives us a taste of that perspective, leaning into the sci-fi genre to create a space of wonder and heroism for young people amidst a time where the world can be a scary place with a lot of fear and uncertainty. Jules looks up to the stars and wonders if we we’ll ever get to explore worlds and galaxies we are yet to see, or even begin to imagine. Love and exploration are the central themes that bring the story together.

Amber Music served as music and sound house on both the trailer and the short.


Production/VFX/Animation Preymaker, New York Robert Petrie, director; Angus Kneale, Melanie Wickham, Verity Grantham, exec producers; Ruben Vandebroek, Tim Argall, Jabulani Simelane, Bradley Stilwell, Katie Schiffer, Rune Månsson, Pieter Uitenweerde, Imraan Zaindeen, Kwabena Sarfo, André de Villiers, Brandon Phillis, Depesh Cara, Hassan Taimur, Zolna Minik, Thomas du Plessis, Felipe Hansen, Greg Murray, Casey Herrick, Bridgette Doran, Brett Lambright, Fabio Piparo, Christian Reyes, Alan McSeveney, Jinell Webb, Ben Weaver, Eider Astigarraga, Paul Liaw, Syd Fini, Jongmoon Woo, Gabriela Brandes, the makers. (Toolbox: Unreal Engine, Maya, DaVinci Resolve) Editorial Consulate, New York Chinwe Chong, editor. Music Amber Music, New York Alan Hankers, composer; Daniel Nolan, sound designer; Michelle Curran, exec producer; Mike Perri, sr. producer. Audio Post Amber Music, New York Alan hankers, Daniel Nolan, Mike Perri, mixers. Special thanks to: Alistair Thompson, Rob Di Figlia, Epic Games; Zeki Kartal, rigger, Hotspring; Kim Edwards, advisor.

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