Reel FX Animation Studios Brings "Immortal Cockroach" To Life


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019


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Seriously’s sixth Best Fiends animated short, The Immortal Cockroach, features the voice of Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, Zootopia) as the main character, Lapoleon. 

Alongside LaMarche is award-winning actress Pamela Adlon (Better Things, Californiacation) and actor David Herman (Office Space). The feature film quality short was directed by Augusto Schillaci and produced by Golden Globe-nominated Reel FX Animation Studios, which is best known for its work on Ice Age and Despicable Me. 


Client Seriously/Best Fiends Visual Effects/Animation Reel FX Animation Studios, Dallas Augusto Schillaci, director/art dir/VFX supervisor; Rod Douglas, storyboard artist; Vincent Bisschop, Federico Moreno Breser, Nicolas Villareal, art dept; Tom Jordan, modeling supervisor; Douglas Bell, rigging supervisor; Steve Eger, Joe Porritt, Alex Salmar, rigging; Megan Shaffer, surfacing supervisor; Jeff Huard, Daniel Smith, surfacing; Chris Browne, character FX supervisor; Yuri Martell, matte painting; Dan West, layout lead; Andre Alvarenga, Thomas De Maleingreau, Sean Monteagudo, layout; Eddy Lowinski, FX supervisor; Tony Fan, Evan Robinson, Jyota Malcolm, Matthieu Bruneau, FX; Keenan Proffitt, environment supervisor; Elyse Roy, environment; Martin Ferland, animation supervisor; Kirby Atkins, Kosta Dracopaulos, Jason Park, Justin Ustel, Syuan-Ru Wu, Anna Masquelier, Tiago Ferreira, Chris Burnham, Helene Papet, animation; Kelsey Craig, Jessica M. Hogan, ltg supervisor; Lighting: Luiz Fernando Araujo, Jillian Blair, Melissa Gilbreath, Tim Goransson, Srabani Halarnkar, Swapnil Halarnkar, Pierre Lauret, Alice Lepoutre, Anthony Russo, Randy Tecson, ltg; Seth Schwartz, CG supervisor; John Anderholm, technical supervision; John Levanas, TD; Ted Lebeau III, render supervision; Aldo Victoria, render wrangler. Additional Modeling/Surfacing McFly Studio. Additional Modeling/Surfacing and Animation/FX Agora Studio (Toolbox: Maya, Nuke)

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