R/GA, PRETTYBIRD Director Matt Piedmont Are Obsessed With Craft For AICP Awards


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jan. 24, 2020


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This short film directed by Matt Piedmont of PRETTYBIRD for agency R/GA introduces us to a woman who’s as obsessed with craft as AICP Awards’ entrants and honorees.

The short promotes entries to the AICP Awards--The AICP Show, The AICP Post Awards and The AICP Next Awards--through the world’s most obsessive crafter who talks about her love of craft and her belief that, at its heart, “craft is a symphony of detail.” She utters this profundity while wearing a crocheted vest, nestled in her cramped workshop and surrounded by items resplendent in their beads, bangles and other handcrafted gewgaws. The AICP Awards are now accepting entries across all three of its shows. The deadline to enter is February 14. 

The short aims to underscore the importance of craft and how the AICP Awards has, for nearly thirty years, celebrated craft in advertising. Our obsessive craftsperson, who at one points offers the aside that “there seems to be a lot from Brazil these days” after noting that “good craft knows no borders,” represents the preoccupation AICP Awards juries have always had with identifying excellence in craft. It’s also a nod to the fact that for the first time ever, the AICP Show--like the AICP Post Awards and AICP Next Awards--is now open to international entries in all craft and concept categories.  

The film closes by telling viewers they can have their work “recognized by the other people obsessed with craft,” and provides a web address to access info on all three competitions. 

The AICP Post Awards premieres on May 6 in New York at CNVS, while the The AICP Show and the AICP Next Awards premiere during AICP Week, June 9 through 11, in New York. The debut of the AICP Next Awards are the evening of June 9 at The Tishman Auditorium, while the AICP Show gala premieres on June 11 at MoMA.


Client AICP Awards Agency R/GA Tiffany Rolfe, EVP, chief creative officer; Zack Roif, associate creative director; Chloe Saintilan, sr. copywriter; Emily Stetzer, art director; Nam wan Leavell, jr. copywriter; Martin Vogts, strategy direcvtor; Blakely Bar Lev, global awards manager. Production PRETTYBIRD Matt Piedmont, director; Giles Dunning, DP; Ali Brown, exec producer; Bernard Rahill, producer; Mike Garcia, production supervisor; Ed Walsh, 1st assistant director; Shauna Frontera, 2nd assistant director; Clayton Hartley, productio ndesigner; Sarah Schweppe, art coorindator; Jon Bush, set decoration; Alex Lamm, sound; Keith Wager, costume designer; Melissa Rogers, make-up; Edwin Allen, location manager. Editorial Big Sky Edit Ben Jones, editor; Colleen McKay, assistant editor; Sarah Van Tassel, exec producer; Ali Corsie, producer. Online/Color Company 3 Jenny Montgomery, colorist & jr. short form producer; Ashley McKim, exec producer. Music Yessian Music Mike Dragovic, composer; Marlene Bartos, exec producer; Matt Zimone, producer. Audio Post/Sound Design Heard City Jeremy Siegal, audio mixer/sound designer; Andi Lewis, producer; Sasha Awn, Jackie James, exec producers; Gloria Pitagorsky, managing director/partner. Cast Carmella Riley 

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