Seriously/Best Fiends' "Baby Slug's Big Day Out"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Oct. 26, 2018


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The latest animated short from Reel FX Animation Studios for mobile giant Seriously's wildly popular title "Best Fiends" is now officially live. The comedic animated short Baby Slug's Big Day Out, directed by Augusto Schillaci, shows that mayhem can ensure from even the tiniest of creatures as a baby slug escapes the nursery and ultimately leaves his finders in a high-pressure situation.


Visual Effects/Animation: Reel FX Animation Studios, Dallas Augusto Schillaci, art dir/VFX supervisor; Scott G. Peterson, digital supervisor; Meghann Robinson, surfacing supervisor; Ty Chen, Yen-Min Hu, Diane Bradley, Casey Kreft, surfacing; Marisol Gladding, Joseph P. Johnston, layout supervisors; Tom Danen, layout; Jessica Hogan, matte painting supervisor; Diane Bradley, matte painting; Paul-Jozef “PJ” Torrevil, cloth & fur supervisor; Delinor Smith II, cloth & fur; Bill Haller, animation supervisor; Angelo Sta. Catalina, animation character lead; Guillaume Arantes, Jean-Francois Barthelemy, Jason Behr, Chris Burnham, Kosta Dracopoulos, Don Dixon, Martin Ferland, Tim Hatcher, Samantha Lagace, Chris Street, Dorian Soto, Chris Burnham, Robin Thiriet, Justin Ustel, David B. Vallone, Philippe Zerounian, animation; John Anderholm, tech supervisor; Seth Schwartz, TD; Ted Lebeau III, render supervisor; Tony Fan, Eddy Lowinkski, VFX; David A. Parrish, SVP of animation; Joanna D. Ferguson, head of prodn. (Toolbox: Maya, Nuke) Agency: None Production: Reel FX Animation Studios, Dallas; Augusto Schillaci, director

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