Serviceplan Campaign X Takes "Shortcut" For MINI Deutschland


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 2, 2018


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This “Shortest Billboards” campaign from Munich agency Serviceplan Campaign X lets pedestrians in Berlin experience what MINI drivers do via the car’s Real-Time Traffic feature.

This film captures the essence of the concept as doors, ladders and stairs are custom fit to special billboards, enabling pedestrians to shorten the distance they walk by up to 12 minutes. In short, everyone finds the quickest way through the city with MINI Connected--the antidote for rush hour and traffic congestion in the urban jungle.


Client BMW AG/MINI Deutschland Agency Serviceplan Campaign X, Munich; Neverest Alexander Schill, Serviceplan global chief creative officer. Serviceplan Campaign X: Matgthias Harbeck, creative managing partner; Hans-Peter Sporer, managing creative director; Christina Antes, managing partner; Luitgard Hagl, creative director; Kornelia Szatko, copywriter; Michael Lux, art director; Pascal Plaumann, jr. art director. Neverest: Ewald Pusch, managing director; Jochen Hirt, sr. producer; Norbert Henning, freelance producer. Production It’s us GmbH Ben Fohr, CEO; Stephan Telaar, director; Hakan Cirak, head of production; Karina Kirschner, line producer; Omid Mirnour, Johanna Katz, production assistants.

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