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TBWA\Melbourne, Nylon Studios, Goodoil Films Blow Bubbles, Capture "Schweppervescence"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2019


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Directed by JH Beetge of Goodoil Films for Schweppes and agency TBWA\Melbourne, this :60 titled “The Rush of Schweppervescence” features a soundtrack from sound designer Paul Le Couteur of Nylon Studios and composer Elliot Wheeler of Turning Studios.

Encapsulating the sensory experience that occurs when opening a bottle of Schweppes with stylized vignettes featuring mass swarms of bubbles, the magical track narrates each moment a bubble interacts with the world around it--from endless landscapes to up-close moments of molecular magic.  

Le Couteur helped weave the stylized and classic soundscape into the storyline, complementing the cinematic visuals every step of the way, truly showcasing the different elements that lead up to the Schweppes cap being released, triggering Schweppervescence.

“One of the biggest creative challenges was using sound to give the bubbles a definable personality that had to be sustained through the entire commercial, while also ensuring that the music followed the bubbles throughout the commercial,” said Le Couteur who also served as the spot’s audio post mixer. “In order to do so, we used a Skeuomorphist approach. The bubbles were purpose-built from many elements which came together to become one entity.  A human voice was also included to give a more humanistic feel.  Then, the bubbles had to fit into the real world while also integrating with the music.  Frequency specific equalization and spacial positioning played a big part in providing richness to the mix.  The final result was a holistic soundscape that, as Aristotle coined, became a result greater than the sum of its parts.”


Client Asahi Lifestyle Beverages/Schweppes Agency TBWA\Melbourne Paul Reardon, chief creative officer; Guy Rooke, creative director; Rob Hibbert, Mark Jones, sr. creatives; Margot Ger, producer. Production Goodoil Films JH Beetge, director; Stefan Duscio, DP; Juliet Bishop, Simon Thomas, exec producers; Catherine Warner, producer; Piotr Wyrzykowski, production designer. VFX/Post Alt VFX Music Turning Studios, Sydney Elliott Wheeler, composer. Sound Design Nylon Studios, Sydney Paul Le Couteur, sound designer. Audio Post Nylon Studios, Paul Le Couteur, sound engineer.

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