Team One, Director Victor Haegelin "Stop Motion. Start Traveling" For Expedia


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2020


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With the help of its agency of record Team One, Expedia wanted to create a campaign that embraced the current realities of life during COVID-19 (both in concept and production). The brand recognized that supporting travelers begins long before they book their trip—it begins the moment they start to dream. Travelers want to feel inspired to get back out there, when they’re ready, and Expedia will be there for them every step of the way when the time is right. 

At the center of the initiative is this TV spot titled “Expedia-Stop Motion. Start Traveling”, which captures that current longing to explore and discover. The spot uses stop motion to bring that sense of wonder to life, featuring a real-life couple who uses found objects from the world inside their apartment to explore the world beyond their front door.

The coffee table and mugs turn into a convertible car that whisks them away to a coastal highway. Bed sheets become a mountain with a beautiful vista. A broom transforms into a diving board that launches into a pool with a gym sock splash. Finally, it’s time to sit back and relax with “hotel room service.” Ultimately, thanks to Expedia, the couple is able to book the trip they’ve been dreaming about all of these months. 

Production of the spot is also reflective of the COVID times we’re living in. The team found a stop motion director Victor Haegelin through social media, collaborated remotely with him and the production company in France, with Expedia clients in Seattle, Brazil and London, and agency teams in Los Angeles and London. Every aspect of the production mirrored the imagination and ingenuity of the couple’s in-home journey that ultimately led to real world exploration. The TV spot is now in market across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, and will be supported with digital video.


Client Expedia Agency Team One Chris Graves, chief creative officer; Mark Miller, chief strategy officer; Fabio Costa, executive creative director; Amina Halim, Davide Vismara, creative directors; Andrew Crawford, copywriter; Joshuah Harms, art director; Sam Walsh, director of production; Sascha Peuckert, producer; Emily Wold, associate producer; Becky Matthews, producer, U.K.; Neil Cleary, music supervisor; Ronn Dohn, strategy managing director; Lauren Mabuni, sr. strategic planner. Production WIZZ/Quad Group Victor Haegelin, director; Amanda Stubbs, exec producer; Claire Madigan, producer; Camille Lippmann, production manager; Marion Berdoati Sauzedde, production coordinator; Sacha Wiernik, DP; Geraldine  Stivet, Bertrand Leclerc, production design. Editorial/Finishing TOM Bryan Cook, director of postproduction & VFX; Brendan Carney, editor; Brian F. Gordon, sr. editor/multimedia manager; Veronica Santana, Cody Pittard, producers; David Audelo, After Effects artist; James Bohn, Flame artist; Adolfo Martinelli, colorist. Music Sound Delicious Track: “Little Bo Peep,” Kari Steinert, composer. Audio Margarita Mix Bob Gremore, engineer. 

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