Top Spot of the Week: Belgian Kids' Fund Celebrates Birthdays Every Day To Raise Funds For Pediatric Research


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019


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Brussels-based ad agency mortierbrigade created this campaign to raise awareness about and funding for pediatric research that will help prevent and combat serious illnesses that strike children.

Centerpiece of the campaign is this moving film that tells the story of parents who try to make every day a unique moment of wonder for their seriously ill child. Mom and dad make every day a birthday for their son.

Jens Mortier, creative director at mortierbrigade, explained, “The idea came from the principle that for a child, his or her birthday is the most wonderful day of the year. Therefore, the parents decide to celebrate their son’s birthday at the hospital every day in order to make his life as happy as possible as he confronts the illness.”

A PSA tag reads, “Every child deserves just one birthday a year. Support research and save children’s lives.”

Directed by Salsa via production house, this ad was made possible with the support of the Belgian National Lottery and the musical collaboration of the Belgian artist CHANCE.


Client The Belgian Kids’ Fund Agency mortierbrigade Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster, creative directors; Geoffrey Masse, Nicolas Mouquet, creatives. Charlotte Coddens, head of production; Dorien Mathijssen, strategy; Olivia Naudts, producer. Production Salsa, director; Eurydice Gysel, exec producer; Rien Behaeghe, producer; Sander Vandenbrouke, DP; Beatriz Arteaga, art director. Postproduction Robin De Praetere, editor & online; Olivier Ogneux, grading; Blake De Keersmaecker, postproducer. Music Chance, music artist. “Those Days“ Sound Gregory Caron

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