Top Spot of the Week: BETC Quacks A Duck Tale For Disneyland Paris


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019


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Paris agency BETC has created a heartwarming fairytale film, reminding us of the wonders of Disneyland Paris and why it is such a magical destination for children over the world.

The brand film that launches throughout the European market follows the epic and moving adventure of a little wild duckling who, after stumbling across a Disney magazine, develops a fascination for Donald Duck.

The days and the seasons pass, and the little duck lives Donald Duck, breathes Donald Duck, dreams of Donald Duck. The magazine becomes his most prized possession. But winter arrives, forcing the little duck’s family to migrate, and the magazine is just too heavy to bring along for the ride.

Thankfully the migration destination turns out to be Disneyland Paris where the little duckling gets to meet his hero Donald in the flesh--and feathers. 

Our hero duckling was created via a collaboration between BETC and 3D studio Unit Images. An in-house team at Unit Images directed the film.

The family’s journey and the duckling’s adventure unfolds to the accompaniment of an intimate rendition of the iconic song “The Impossible Dream (The Quest).”


Client Disneyland Paris Agency BETC Paris Antoinette Beatson, executive creative director; Christophe Clapier, creative director; Julien Lefevre, art director; Clement Chaye, assistant art director; Alban Gallee, copywriter; Antoine Pivard, strategic planning; Alexandra Houillon, postproduction supervisor. Production Company General Pop  3D Studio/Director UNIT Images, in-house director team, Les Andy’s Sound Production GUM Productions Alexandre Many, head of music; Sean Christopher, singer & musician; Christophe Caurret, music creative director; Antoine Barbier, music supervisor.

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