Top Spot of the Week: Coordown's Short Film "Lea Goes To School" From Publicis NY


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018


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Publicis New York and CoorDown, Italy’s national organization for people with Down syndrome, continue to change the conversation around Down syndrome with this short film, Lea Goes To School, addressing inclusive education. The film is presented as an animated children’s storybook and features voiceover by Grace, a 11-year old student with Down syndrome. The film debuts on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, and can be viewed on the CoorDown Facebook and YouTube channels.

Lea Goes to School is the story of Lea, a little girl with Down syndrome, as she sets off on her first day of school. An alternative “special” life path seems to have been laid out for her--a “special” classroom, a “special” job and a “special” home--but Lea expects to have the same beginning as every other child and voices a clear message: “include us from the start.” 
Antonella Falugiani, president of CoorDown, commented, “If every year on March 21 when we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day we feel the need to awaken the conscience of the community to defend the rights of people with Down syndrome, it is because we know there is still much work to be done. We need a radical change of perspective: a school system that is able to involve everybody, including students with disabilities, triggers a virtuous circle and is essential to breaking down barriers and stereotypes, but, most importantly, it helps children develop a greater awareness of themselves and others, which is a crucial step in their way to independence. We must start with schools to build a truly inclusive society.”


Client CoorDown (The Coordination of Associations of People with Down Syndrome) Agency Publicis New York Andy Bird, chief creative officer; Luca Pannese, Luca Lorenzini, executive creative directors; Rodrigo Panucci, associate creative director, art; Alex Abrantes, associate creative director, copy; Jakub Popadiuk, sr. producer, integrated; Lisa Bifulco, chief production officer; Jennifer Guliner, executive producer; Doug Zaner, animation/editor; Elisa Gougoux, post producer; Hadleigh Arnst, director; Stephen Frandsen, DP. Postproduction Gene Curley, colorist. Audio Honey Mix Conrad Sanguineti, Eric Thompson, mixers. Music Stabbiola Music Alessandro Cristofori, Diego Perugini, original music. Animation Prodigious Studio Glen Fix, director; Camilo Francion, studio artist; Richard Allen, illustrator (represented by Gail Gaynin at Morgan Gaynin)

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