Top Spot of the Week: Director Benjamin Sonntag Proclaims "Long Live the Horse" For Zoetis Equine


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Feb. 18, 2022


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Zoetis Equine is celebrating special moments of connection that show the reciprocity of care and the beautiful synergy of humans and horses. To tell the broader brand story of its fast-growing portfolio of horse health products to both veterinary and horse owner audiences, Zoetis is tapping into the power of emotional branding, led creatively by Colle McVoy and 10 Thousand Design. 

The centerpiece film of the campaign--from Colle McVoy and 10 Thousand Design is this film, “Long Live the Horse,” directed by Benjamin Sonntag of Rakish. A love letter to the soul of man’s other best friend, the film conveys the bond and mutual respect between various caretakers and their horses that leaves the viewer wondering, “Who’s caring for who?”

Music and sound house on this anthem was SOUTH Music and Sound.


Client Zoetis Equine Agency Colle McVoy and 10 Thousand Design, Minneapolis Production Company Rakish, Los Angeles Benjamin Sonntag, director; Preston Garrett, Brad Johns, exec producers; Matthias Koenigwieser, DP; John Malina, line producer. Editorial Cut+Run Stacy Peterson, editor; Eytan Gutman, producer. Music SOUTH Music and Sound, Los Angeles Johanna Cranitch, composer; Dan Pritikin, Matt Drenik, Jon Darling, creative directors; Ann Haugen, exec producer; Ignacio Zas, producer. Audio Post SOUTH Music and Sound, Los Angeles Robin Holden, mixer

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