Top Spot of the Week: Director Dougal Wilson, Animation Studio House Special, BBDO Hop Aboard Movie "Train" For AT&T


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 28, 2019


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The new :90 film, called “Train,” combines elements from Westerns and family films to let viewers know they can get movies and more with AT&T unlimited plans. The film uniquely tells the tale of a Wild West train heist in two distinct parts--mashing together suspenseful live action followed by whimsical stop-motion animation to surprise and delight. It is the fourth installment in AT&T’s cinema series blending movie genres in completely unexpected ways. 

This cinema spot was directed by Dougal Wilson of production house Furlined, and supported by HouseSpecial (previously known as LAIKA/house), which handled the animation. In fact, the animation director on the project was Paul Harrod, who was the award-winning production designer on Isle of Dogs, the Oscar-nominated film from Wes Anderson.  VFX house was Method Studios.

“Train” started screening in theaters last week and will continue through the remainder of the year.


Client AT&T Agency BBDO David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, NY; Matt Macdonald, group executive creative director; David Povill, David Cuccinello, executive creative directors; Kevin Mulroy, Dan Kenneally, creative directors; David Rolfe, director of integrated production; Julie Collins, group executive producer; Jessica Coccaro, executive producer. Production Furlined Dougal Wilson, director, composer; Diane McArter, president; Benjamin Davies, VP; David Thorne, sr. exec producer; Karen O’Brien, line producer; Joost Van Gelder, DP; Jahmin Assa, production designer. Editorial Final Cut Joe Guest, editor; Suzy Ramirez, exec producer; Ana Orrach, Jamie Lynn Perritt, producers; Zoe Schack, assistant editor. Color MPC LA & London Jean Clement Soret, color supervision; Ricky Gausis, Matthieu Toullet, colorists; Leianna Campbell, color producer; Meghan Lang, Ellora Chowdhury, exec producers. VFX Method Studios, Santa Monica, Calif.  Benjamin Walsh, sr. VFX supervisor; Pip Malone, sr. producer; Ian Holland, 2D lead; Rus Brutsche, CG supervisor; Toma Bowen, comp supervisor; Tim Ranck, lead animator; Vladislav Tushevskiy, lead FX; Josephin Peichl, coordinator. (Toolbox: Flame, Nuke, Houdini, Mantra, Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop) Stop-Motion Animation House Special, Portland, Ore.   Lourri Hammack, EP; Kirk Kelley, creative dir; Paul Harrod, animation dir; John Nolan, DP and motion control; Rebecca Bowen, sr. producer; Rex Carter. Flame artist; Cam Williams, editor; Alvaro Cubillas, head of prodn; Casey Follen, project coordinator; Stephen Bodin, character design, background/environment design; Felicie Haymoz, Gee Staughton, character designers; Toby Froud, sculptor; Andy Berry, associate art dir; Shami Lang-Rinderspacher, armaturist; Mattzilla Duron, Teresa Huarte, Bryan McIntyre, Katie Mello, Margaret Meyer, Daniel Miller, Laurie Olson, character fabricators; Elodie Massa, Sara Newman, costumers; Polly Robbins, painter; Chris Caniglia, Jake Hauswirth, Javid Howell, Zach Sheehan, Gee Staughton, set fabricators; Alan Long, laser op; Clay Connally, second DP; Amy Adamy, Chris Ohlgren, Suzanne Twining, anmiators; John Corbett, Nuke compositor. (Toolbox: Dragonframe (w/Volo moco cranes), Nuke, Flame, Avid, Creative Suite) Music JSM Music Joel Simon, CEO/CCO/composer; Jeff Fiorello, exec producer; Nathan Kil, composer. Audio Finishing Formosa John Bolen, mixer/sound designer; Lauren Cascio, exec producer.

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