Top Spot of the Week: Director Frederic Planchon, Agency &Co Give Birth To European Parliament Film


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 29, 2019


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Director Frédéric Planchon of Academy Films (and with Anonymous Content in the U.S.) teamed with Copenhagen creative agency &Co to document real-life births across Europe in an intensely real campaign about the importance of participating in the democratic process. 

Entitled “Choose your Future,” this film for the European Parliament is part of a campaign designed to encourage people across the European Union (EU) to vote in the upcoming elections. As we see the beauty of new Europeans coming into this world, the realization sets in as to why voting is so important.

“We witness the nervous last hours of pregnancies, going into labor, and finally the actual birth of these children that will inherit our decisions in the upcoming elections. We see the love and hope that meets the newborns,” said Planchon. “All the people who participated and let us into their lives at these crucial moments were absolutely fantastic. It’s been an honor and a privilege to make this film.”

Johan Køhler, partner and copywriter at & Co., observed, “The biggest act of hope and will to believe in a better future is putting a child into this world. And this is not a political campaign. It’s not about who and what to vote for. It’s about why we vote and, in my mind, we vote because we have to deal with the challenges we face globally, unless we want to leave the coming generations worse off.”

Kohler added, “Democracy should unite us. But in the heat of the battle, politics often divide us. We tend to forget all the things we agree on. Once in a while, we need to rediscover that we share our human circumstances and a lot of our dreams for our own and our children’s future. Or as the voiceover in the film explains: ‘From the second, we come into this world, we’re in it together.’”

The film’s moving imagery is set to the song “Familiar” composed and performed by Nils Frahm.


Client The European Parliament/European Broadcast Partners Agency &Co. / NoA, Copenhagen Thomas Hoffman, creative director; Rune Petersen, art director; Johan Kohler, copywriter; Lone Tvedergaard, Bach, Aylin Kanpak, strategic planner; Anders Toustrup Darre, executive producer; Filippa Borg von Bulow, producer; Soren Jespersgaard Albrechtsen, editor (additional content); Alexander Topsoe, editor; Sidsel Ihle Eliasen, post producer. Production New Land/Academy Films Frederic Planchon, director; Thor Brammer Jacobsen, exec producer (New Land); Simon Cooper, exec producer (Academy Films); Julia Fetterman, producer; Melodie Preel, DP; Gemma Priggen, production manager. Postproduction Assembly Rooms Sam Rice-Edwards, editor. Color MPC Jean Clement Soret, colorist. VFX The Mill Post Katrine Juul, post producer (New Land) Music “Familiar,” composed and performed by Nils Frahm, by permission of Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd, courtesy of Erased Tapes Records. Production Service Companies Pioneer Productions, Hungary Dorka Klim, producer. New Land, Denmark Arlette Walsoe, Katrine Juul Svendsgaard, producers. Unit Sofa, Czech Republic Eva Perez-Lescay, producer. Green Olive Films, Greece. Maria Kopanou, producer.

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