Top Spot of the Week: Director Lauren Greenfield Shows The Power of Connection In Cox's "Not Alone"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022


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This moving new spot from Cox Communications shows the power of connection. Directed by INSTITUTE’s Lauren Greenfield, via FCB Chicago, “Not Alone” focuses on the families of children with Koolen-de Vries Syndrome (KDVS), a rare genetic condition associated with developmental delays and several health concerns. With the rarity of KDVS, it’s crucial for families to share information and support one another in order to navigate the ups and downs of the condition and associated healthcare challenges.

Greenfield’s skill in documentary storytelling is reflected in this project as she worked closely with multiple families and the actors bringing their stories to life. She deftly captured their genuine connections and the journeys they have faced together. 


Client Cox Communications Gaston Vaneri, SVP brand strategy; Brian Stifel, VP brand strategy & consumer insights; Kitty Kilgore, sr. director marketing; Virginia Higgs, sr. manager marketing; Quinn Bison, marketing manager; Meghan Gentile,  marketing sr. specialist. Agency FCB Chicago Andres Ordonez, chief creative officer; John Fiebke, EVP, head of copy; Avi Pinchevsky, EVP, executive creative director; Jack Miller, creative director--art; Adam Repp, creative director-copy; Derrick Yousefi, sr. copywriter; Alli Elster, sr. art director; Ellen Israel, sr. producer. Production Company INSTITUTE Lauren Greenfield, director, creative director/founder; Frank Evers, president/founder; Tori Palmatier, managing director; Tim Hudson, DP; Patrick Fischer, line producer. Postproduction 456 Studio Steve Immer, director of editorial, VP; Conor Fisher, director of color; Clare Deady, sr. post producer. Music JSM Joel Simon, CEO/CCO/co-composer; Jeff Fiorello, VP/exec producer; Norm Felker, Andrew Manning, sr. producers; Sharon Cha, producer; Becca Riter, co-composer.

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